Wealth management: new digital solutions

To find a good wealth management advisor and access personalized advice, new financial technologies, otherwise known as FinTech, are emerging and gaining ground in the wealth management industry. They offer the same services as a physical advisor and help create new opportunities.

The purpose of these digitalization platforms is to offer the general public personalized services in their wealth management. Concretely, they automatically connect individuals and wealth management advisers in a simple, fast and instant manner, and at an affordable price.

How it works ?

If you are an individual and would like to be put in touch with a wealth management advisor, all you have to do is log onto one of these new online platforms and detail your situation.

First and foremost, it is essential to accurately determine your needs in terms of wealth management. To do so, the site offers you to answer a series of questions in order to simply reformulate your expectations and your needs. Once your requirements have been identified, you specify your needs in simple and clear terms: save, prepare for retirement, find profitable real estate, optimize your income, etc.

Depending on your request, you will then be immediately redirected to a wealth management advisor adapted or specialized in the sector of the field that corresponds to your request. He will take charge of your file and direct you to a personalized solution.

Who benefits from these FinTechs?

This democratization of advice makes it possible to give access to wealth management to individuals who do not have the financial means to afford the expertise of a wealth management advisor in a tangible manner. Indeed, the digitalization of wealth management advice offers a more personalized and more calibrated service, which reduces the time that an advisor devotes to his client. Thus, the price of the service decreases and adapts to the time of the assumption of responsibility.

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However, this new practice of the profession of wealth management advisor also benefits professionals, because it allows them to expand their market and reach a wider clientele.

In order to guarantee exemplary customer service and advice on tailor-made investments, online wealth management platforms such as filib ‘offer offers that are just as qualitative as those of traditional brokers. However, these robot-advisors do have their limits. Indeed, this solution seems incompatible with the unforeseen so characteristic of financial markets. How will a robot react to a crisis? Doesn’t this automation of advice risk falling into standardization? These concerns show that online wealth management is certainly a revolutionary service, but which is far from convincing the majority of professionals and individuals. As the article published by cafedupatrimoine.com tells us, “The digitalization of wealth management, to be successful and satisfactory, must be done by people and for people. It should indeed allow refocusing on the human being ”.

In conclusion, digital solutions aimed at democratizing wealth management advice are in full development and risk being talked about in the years to come. However, so-called traditional asset management remains the most popular for the moment. Moreover, to learn more about the different methods allowing you to increase your wealth through different investments, visit mistergoodman.fr.

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