How to get into a real estate school?

The real estate sector is an increasingly common topic in the world of education. Today, whether in Paris, Lyon or even Nantes, many students dream of becoming real estate agent or independent real estate agent. If you are a well-motivated bachelor student, you will have the opportunity to enroll in a school that offers training in the real estate profession. The training available in a real estate school range from Bac+2 to Bac+6. So, in the real estate industry, a student can take courses on rental management and real estate sales. To better guide you, we will give you information concerning training and registration in the real estate sector.

What courses can you follow in a real estate school?

Whether it is a school in Paris, Nantes or Lyon, the training is the same. Here are the training courses available in the professional real estate sector:

  • Bac+2: the student can have a BTS or DUT diploma in real estate;
  • Bac+3: the student can have a professional License, Bachelor or DEES real estate diploma;
  • Bac+5: the student can have a Master’s degree in real estate management and a Master’s degree in real estate law;
  • Bac+6: the student can have a Master’s degree specializing in real estate.

After the final class, if the student has his baccalaureate, he can follow the Bac+2 training to obtain a BTS and a DUT. This training guarantees initiation in the field of professional real estate to students. Whether in Paris or Lyon, you will have the opportunity to study full-time or part-time.

The Bac+3 is accessible for a Bachelor or for a student who has obtained his BTS in Bac+2. This training can issue a national diploma state certified and licensed. Just like the BTS, some schools offer this training on a work-study basis.

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Following the Bac+3, the Bac+5 training can be followed in a university or in a real estate school. If you follow your training in a university, your Master’s degree will be considered as a state diploma. On the other hand, a Master’s degree will be awarded to you if you follow the training in a real estate school.

The Bac+6 is a training that is often carried out on a work-study basis. At this stage, the student can sign an apprenticeship contract and a professionalism contract in a real estate company. Thus, in work-study, the student can follow the training and acquire experiences in a company at the same time.

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What about enrolling in a real estate school?

In Paris, most real estate schools have established their registration procedure on the Parcoursup website.

The easiest option to get into a real estate school is to register online.

Upon completion of registration, written tests and an interview must be completed. Whether in Paris, Lyon or Nantes, some schools offer several back-to-school periods. To enroll in a real estate school, there are details to consider.

The registration procedures for these different courses are not the same. First, you must visit the “Parcoursup” site and complete the registration fields. Then, the recruiters will analyze your registration form. If you are selected, you will have access to the written test and the interview. Once this step has been validated, the recruiter will tell you the rest of the steps concerning the payment of school fees, the start of the school year and the documents to be provided.

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To conclude, for a first-year student, it is necessary to register by going directly to the school of real estate. Thus, you will be able to know all the details and have the answers to your questions quickly.

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