Sending money to prison: how to do it?

Do you want to send a sum of money to an inmate? You are told about the conditions that must be met for your application to be accepted. Find out how to send money to an incarcerated person.

Need money in jail

Contrary to popular belief, having money in prison proves necessary. It takes about 200 euros monthly to an inmate to cover TV costs, cleaning products, magazines, etc. Sometimes the work of the prisoner is enough. Otherwise, the incarcerated person needs the financial support of his relatives. They must follow a specific procedure.

You should also know that the inmate’s account is managed by the prison establishment on which it depends. For security reasons, inmates cannot hold money or maintain a bank account. An account in their name is opened internally. The prison accountant is responsible for all financial transactions.

Sending money to a prisoner, conditions

It is possible to send money to an incarcerated person, provided you have a visit permit or the authorization of the head of the establishment. In the event of preventive proceedings, it is the magistrate in charge of the investigation who gives his agreement or not.

The sums are called subsidies. Note that some prisoners may be deprived of subsidies due to disciplinary measures for a maximum of two months.

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Procedures for donating money in prison

Before, to send money to an inmate, you had to withdraw a money order in a post office. Since 2018, the La Poste cash mandate is no longer accepted. It was replaced by the mandate justice. This form is only available in the visiting rooms waiting rooms.

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It is possible to send a check to the prisoner. His account will be funded in a ten day period. However, cash transfers are prohibited.

If you opt for the bank transfer, make it to the account of the nominative account management. They were opened by the prison establishment. Enter the information relating to the prisoner (last name, first name, prison number). This information should be entered in the observation field of the online transfer.

Be aware that the amount is limited. He must not exceed the sum of 183 euros per month. On the other hand, the sum is not limited for the simple defendants. Please note that during the holiday season, the monthly amount is doubled (i.e. 366 euros authorized). On the other hand, in the event of exceptional and justified expenditure (pair of glasses, hearing aid, etc.), the head of the prison establishment may authorize sums going beyond that.

Sending money to prison is strictly regulated. It is mandatory to comply with them under penalty of confiscation of the funds.

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