How do you pay your bills without money?

How do you pay your bills without money? This is a question that some households ask themselves when they receive the bill for water, gas, electricity, landline, rent, school canteen … In a house, the expense items are numerous. And sometimes paying all the bills becomes impossible. Before getting into debt and finding yourself in a delicate situation (eviction from your home, for example), it is better to ask for help. So, which organizations can take charge of some or all of your unpaid bills? Discover all the means to get by.

Gas and electricity: how can you pay your bills without money?

First, know that an EDF social tariff exists. It is intended for the most disadvantaged but also for those who encounter temporary difficulties in paying their energy bill. This is a lowered price making it possible to continue to benefit from gas or electricity services. This standard deduction can reach up to 140 euros. And it is renewable year after year if the subscriber’s situation requires it.

To pay your bills without money in terms of gas or electricity, you must be entitled to complementary solidarity health (formerly CMU or ACS), or else have a very low reference tax income.

In terms of procedures, there is nothing to be done. Indeed, it is the Health Insurance which directly contacts the electricity companies to transmit the list of potential beneficiaries. And also note that the aids are cumulative.

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To know : if you have natural gas for energy, the aid concerns all suppliers, whether it is an individual or collective contract. To qualify, you must be a beneficiary of complementary health solidarity. Commissioning is free and any invoiced trips are cheaper.

How to pay your water bill without money?

Following the decision of the Constitutional Council, you can no longer be the victim of a water cut in the event of unpaid bills. But that is not a reason to be deadbeat. Curative, preventive or progressive aid may be considered if your situation allows it. And this, whether you are a tenant or owner of your home.

Certain conditions are required for:

  • benefit from a social tariff;
  • take advantage of the measures in place by local communities.

If you are having difficulty paying your water bills, don’t wait and contact the Caf in your department or the CCAS (Center communal d ‘action sociale). If ever water is included in the charges, contact the FSL (Solidarity Fund for Housing).

How to pay your landline bill when you have no money?

If you’re having trouble paying your landline bills, there are solutions to:

  • reduce the amount of your subscription by half;
  • benefit from financial assistance to settle unpaid debts for a period of one year.

Recipients of RSA, ASS or AAH can claim this aid by taking the steps of the Caf in their department, the MSA or the Pôle Emploi. They will only be asked for a certificate.

To know : in all cases, note that it is possible to keep a restricted minimum for being called and contacting emergency numbers so as not to fall into social exclusion.

How to pay your rent in the event of financial difficulty? The solutions to avoid ending up on the street.

Before the expulsion, there are remedies. Above all, don’t wait for the situation to become dire to seek help. Better to anticipate payment difficulties and find a solution with the owner before being kicked out.

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Thus, you will save time or you will be able to obtain a reduction in your rent. Donors are often ready to negotiate because an eviction procedure is long and expensive.

If negotiations with the owner are not successful, you should contact:

  • first, the Caf in your department which has several housing assistance (APL, ALS, etc.). Some Cafs also offer the Habitat Fund;
  • then, Loca-Pass if a housing action guarantee has been taken out. This assistance pays for you up to 9 months of rent including charges;
  • then, the social services of your municipality or your department. They can provide you with financial, but also administrative and logistical assistance;
  • finally, the Banque de France if you have too much debt. By filing an over-indebtedness file, you can block pending proceedings.

How to pay taxes without money?

Some taxpayers may wonder how to pay their taxes in dire financial straits. Whatever the state of your bank account, the requested tax remains due.

On the other hand, a discount is always possible, in particular on the penalties due following an exceeded deadline or an erroneous declaration. Thus, the 10% increase can be canceled.

To note : beware, for inheritance rights or ISF, no negotiation is possible.

Can we have a fine canceled if we cannot pay?

Fines can put a damper on a budget, especially when it’s hard to « make ends meet. » If your financial situation is precarious, ask for a free remittance from the Public Treasury.

For your request to be successful, you must not contest your fine. And your financial difficulties must be real!

How can you pay for your children’s canteen without money?

The canteen is a practical solution for working parents. But it is a school service that has a cost, more or less important depending on income.

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In case of financial problems to settle the canteen, there are solutions:

  • first, make an appointment with the social worker at the school;
  • local authorities (town hall and department) also offer assistance to cover part of your canteen bills. They can also apply a sliding scale tariff according to your family quotient;
  • the social fund enables families of children in college or high school to pay less for the canteen or not to pay for it at all;
  • in college, if your child is a scholarship recipient, you can get help every three months. And canteen costs will be covered by the stock exchange;
  • some Cafes like the one in Paris give food coupons for families in need (college and high school only)

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You may be eligible for assistance

If you’re struggling to finish the month and can’t pay your bills, it may be because you didn’t take advantage of the benefits you were entitled to. Thanks to CCAS for example, you can benefit from additional help through financial relief. This can be a zero interest loan, for example. If you are not doing it at all, you may want to consider filing an over-indebtedness file. For more details, make an appointment with your banker.

State aid

For electricity or gas, you can benefit from energy checks. They are sent from time to time by the government and are calculated based on your income. The less monthly resources you have, the higher the amount of the check will be. This represents hundreds of euros off at the end of the year.

Help to feed you

If you already receive aid for paying your bills but it is no longer sufficient, you can apply for aid for food. It is possible to get tickets that entitle you to free food. Again, this is the possibility ofsave several tens of euros every month.

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