Cleansing oil: when is it recommended?

Cleansing oil is one of the cosmetic products currently on the rise in bathrooms. Particularly suitable for dry skin or those prone to eczema, the oils can be used by the whole family. Discover the advantages of this cleaning product.

What is a cleansing oil?

A cleansing oil is a care product with a creamy texture that washes the body without attacking the skin. It is generally composed of oil in a proportion of about 20%, water and a classic washing base. Most often, it is argan or sweet almond oil that is used for its manufacture. Thanks to its moisturizing power very high compared to other shower treatments, it hydrates your skin and nourishes it (instead of attacking it as some shower gels or soaps can do).

How to protect your skin with a cleansing oil?

Do you have dry or atopic skin? Do you frequently feel skin tightness after your showers? We recommend that you replace your soap or shower gel with a cleansing oil. The shower oil is good for dry skin due to its special composition, as it provides them with nutrients. You can also use washing oil to fight against itching and solve skin problems such as eczema or allergic reactions.

Whether in the shower or in the bath, the cleansing oil is used in the same way as the shower gel. Note, however, that the product generally turns into milk on contact with water. For proper use, be sure to place a nut of the product in the palm of your hand, then to apply it directly to the skin massaging it lightly. This facilitates good penetration of the product and optimizes cleaning.

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If you are used to conventional soaps, the oil may not lather as you would have liked. Know that this does not prevent it from washing your skin well. After these steps, all you have to do is rinse off and dry gently with a soft towel. Here is your skin well cleansed and well hydrated! You can also pour a few drops of the product into the bathtub to enjoy a relaxing bath.

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How to choose the right oil-based cleaning product?

There are currently several brands of washing oil on the market, with their own characteristics. It is therefore important to be careful when choosing your product. Always take a look at its compositionbecause not all of them are based on vegetable oil.

Some contain mineral oil instead, often referred to as “mineral oil” or “paraffinum liquidum” on their packaging. These oils should be avoided, as they do not add much in terms of nutrients to your skin. Moreover, if you opt for such products, you risk clogging your pores. We advise you to always opt for vegetable oil products.

The cleansing oil is never used after a shower. Do not confuse it with a classic body oil without rinsing. Furthermore, shower oil is not suitable for shaving in the shower.

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