Erection problems: causes and solutions

Erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction translates in men the difficulty, or even the complete inability, to have or keep an erection sufficient to maintain a satisfactory sexual intercourse. This dysfunction can greatly affect the development and integrity of a couple if left unchecked. What then are the causes of this condition and how can they be treated? Find out the answers in this article.

The causes of erection problems

Several factors can be considered to be the causes of erection problems in a man. We distinguish both natural, psychological, physical and medical triggers for erectile disorders.


The very first cause of erectile dysfunction in men is the natural mechanism of growth. In fact, it is very common to see this sexual dysfunction appear in adults over the age of 50. With age, human tissues see their potential for contractibility drastically reduced. They become less and less able to relax. This naturally affects the functioning of the vessels which then have more difficulty in inflating to allow blood to flow into the penis. Thus, aging promotes an increased risk of a soft erection.

However, it is important to clarify that the age of onset of symptoms of a soft erection is a very personal factor. In fact, it is not uncommon to see adults under the age of fifty also suffer from these disorders.

Psychological factors

A psychological blockage can be the basis of erectile dysfunction. Psychological factors induce inhibitory stress in men which paralyzes any performance linked to sexual activity. This can be caused by trigger symptoms or situations like: depression, social pressure, anxiety about sexuality, daily worries, family tensions, decreased level of sexual desire

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It appears that in most patients under 30 who suffer from erection problems, psychological causes are often the most common.

Solutions Problems

Medical factors

Apart from the natural factor of age and psychological causes, erection problems in men can also be caused by certain medical factors. These particularly concern the various diseases that can affect erection.

Circulatory problems

When blood does not circulate properly in the body, it naturally leads to dysfunction in certain organs. Thus, most diseases causing poor circulation of blood to the sexual organ are among the main causes of erectile dysfunction. The most well-known conditions of this type are diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney failure.

Excess cholesterol

Excess cholesterol is also one of the organic factors that can be at the root of erection problems. When there is a too much bad cholesterol in the body, this eventually builds up to form atheromatous plaque deposits on the walls of the vessels. This degenerative mechanism ends up narrowing the diameter of these walls, thus causing less easy circulation of the blood.

Prostate surgery

Erection problems in an individual can be the result of prostate surgery. Indeed, the erector nerves of the man are stuck to the walls of the prostate. But during surgery on this gland of the genital tract, the tumor or even the entire gland must be removed. It is therefore difficult during this type of intervention to successfully remove the ablation without touching the erector nerves. However, if these nerves are damaged, natural erection becomes impossible.

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Consumption of narcotics and certain medications

Consuming or inhaling certain elements that are harmful to the body can cause erectile dysfunction. For example, excessive alcohol consumption negatively influences erectile performance. It degrades the quality of the arteries. Likewise, the smoking also has negative repercussions on erection and causes physical damage that is not conducive to sexual development.

In addition, the consumption of certain drugs such as those used for antihypertensive treatments sometimes has unpleasant consequences on the natural mechanism of erection. These inhibitor products often reduce the quality of the erection.

Consult a sex therapist, the best solution to overcome erectile dysfunction

Img Erection Problems Causes And Solutions

Whether you are in a relationship or single, the expert best placed to deal with your erection problems is the sex therapist. It is better to seek immediate medical attention if you notice that your problems are already lasting more than three months or that they are causing physical or even psychological suffering at your level. This specialist is the best equipped in the field to help you determine the origin of your illness and to offer you the appropriate solutions (medication or other treatments).

The consultation with a sex therapist takes place without the slightest complex. You certainly won’t have to feel intimidated. At first, the doctor will simply talk to you to learn about the details related to the manifestation of the disorder. He will ask questions about the duration of the pain, its intensity, its frequency, your sex life before and after its appearance, any medications you are already taking… Then he will examine your genitals to see if the problem is possibly of physical origin or related to organic dysfunction. This can cause him to detect a malformation of the penis, prostate cancer or an adenoma. After this examination, he will make you go through a series of checks (cardiovascular, neurological, blood tests) always to determine with precision the source of the problem.

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Finally, once the origins of the poorly known, the sex therapist will prescribe the ideal treatment to remedy. If possibly your erection problems are exclusively linked to psychological factors, he will refer you to a psychologist or a sex therapist.

What are the possible treatments ?

There is a wide variety of possible treatments to overcome an erection problem. The choice will be made according to the results of the diagnosis made and the known cause of the problem. We distinguish :

  • Treatment based on erection inducing drugs (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis)
  • Injections into the penis
  • The penis pump
  • Injections into the urethra
  • The penile implant

In sum, several different factors can be the cause of erection problems in a man. However, this sexual dysfunction is not inevitable. By consulting a sex therapist quickly, the ailment can be diagnosed and treated effectively to allow you to return to a normal and fulfilling life quickly.

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