How to choose a hearing aid?

Many people are embarrassed by a loss of hearing, but sometimes refuse to wear hearing aids for fear of judgement. And yet, with technological advances, it is now possible to be fitted discreetly and with great efficiency. There are different types of invisible hearing aids, to be chosen according to the needs of each person.

How to select a hearing aid?

Different criteria characterize hearing aids. They are distinguished by the size of the device, the functionalities, their discretion and the way of carrying them.

In-ear hearing aid

These invisible hearing aids are custom designed to fit completely inside the ear canal of the wearer. This type of very discreet device is particularly appreciated because it is not associated with a case. It is difficult to spot for the entourage, moreover, the fact that it does not protrude from the ear makes it easier to use a phone. It is also less sensitive to noise caused by the wind. It is recommended for less severe hearing loss, because its autonomy is limited.

select a hearing aid

The hearing aid adapted to the contour of the ear

It is an external device accessorized with a case, which is fixed on the upper part of the ear. The ear canal is connected to the device by a tube as well as a fine custom-made earmold. The real advantage of this type of hearing aid is its power. It is recommended for all people with partial or severe deafness. It is also very resistant and has a great autonomy. On the other hand, it is more imposing and is more sensitive to the wind.

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The micro-behind-the-ear hearing aid, with remote earpiece

This device is equipped with a case which is placed on the pavilion of the ear. A discreet wire comes to make the connection with the auditory canal while the earpiece is housed directly in the canal. This type of equipment is much more aesthetic than a behind-the-ear device, but is slightly less powerful. It also has good battery life.

What are the additional features?

Apart from helping the person to recover better hearing and allowing him to discriminate sounds, the device can also be equipped with several features, to choose from as an option.

You can take advantage of:

  • Ambient noise reduction : this reduces the hubbub, while promoting better listening to conversations.
  • Rechargeable batteries: some hearing aids can be recharged regularly, no need to change the batteries.
  • A function Bluetooth : this is a real asset for better hearing a telephone conversation or television. The Bluetooth-connected device links the sound directly from the app to the device to the ear.
  • The directional microphone: this is very useful for pick up sounds emitted in front of you and reduce those which come from the sides, or from behind. This is a handy feature especially in very noisy environments.
  • A programming adaptable: some hearing aids can incorporate adjustment parameters according to a specific situation. It is possible to switch from one mode to another in order to hear better depending on the situation.

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