Insurance broker: how to find the right partner?

An insurance contract binds you for several years of your life. It is above all a security against all the unforeseen events that life has in store for us. Choosing the right formula and company is really essential. Whether in life insurance, but also in damage and personal insurance, to be accompanied by an intermediary, and at a fortiori a broker, remains a relevant option to make the best choice.

However, on what basis should this professional be selected? How can it help you? We will explain everything to you.

Using an insurance broker: advantages

Long hours spent comparing several offers; endless numbers; complex and incomprehensible conditions… This is what finding a good insurance contract looks like when you go it alone.

Trusting an insurance broker saves you that trouble. This expert puts his knowledge of the market at your disposal to guide you towards the choice adapted to your needs. In addition, the broker also compares prices to help you save money to get the best monthly payment/guarantee ratio.

Also know that the insurance broker does not abandon you after signing the contract. far from there ! He ensures compliance with the clauses of the contract between you and the insurer and defends your interests in the event of a claim. He plays his role of intermediary between the insurance company and you.

A very important and reassuring point: the broker is not tied to any particular company. His advice is totally impartial, because his interest lies in your satisfaction. Unlike the general agent, mandated by the insurer, the broker is mandated by his client.

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How to find the right insurance broker?

Check its presence on the ORIAS register

A broker can only practice his profession if he is registered with ORIAS, the register of insurance, banking and finance intermediaries. And registration with ORIAS requires a real level of qualification and training. Thus, a new broker wishing to register must produce the following documents:

  • An extract from the RCS registration mentioning the activity of insurance broker / brokerage;
  • Proof of professional capacity;
  • A liability insurance certificate covering the activity of insurance intermediation or insurance brokerage;
  • Possibly a certificate of financial guarantee.

Registration with ORIAS is therefore a pledge of professionalism and seriousness that can reassure you. This also guarantees you benefits in accordance with the regulations.

If you want to know if the broker you are in contact with is in good standing, you can consult the search form made available by this organization.

Play the competition!

Many brokers offer you their services? Take the time to study each offer. What services are offered? How far will the broker go with you? Answer these questions to find out which one best suits your needs.

Of course, to make a first selection among the insurance formulas presented, you can also use online comparison services.

Check experience and expertise

The right broker will present you with offers from various companies. These insurers must be reliable and inspire confidence. Do not hesitate to ask him for a list of the companies he works with. Does it have exclusivities and different amounts of remuneration according to the insurers? You can also of course check its customer references to be reassured about its experience and reliability.

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Choose a bank: good idea ?

Your broker may be a bank. Despite its more expensive services, the bank guarantees you a good insurance simulation and very interesting investment ideas.

However, banks also usually sell insurance contracts. They can therefore leave aside their objectivity to offer you their own services. Mistrust !

Brokerage firm or independent professional?

Very close to his clients, the independent broker is sometimes more available than the agency networks. Their fees can be negotiated more easily, which is useful if you are on a budget. Finally, an independent broker is totally free to choose which insurer he works with.

A brokerage firm has an extended network and professionals with specific expertise. Unlike the independent professional, it sometimes designs its own contracts and manages claims. It also has a greater “strike force” to negotiate rates with insurance companies. Converselythe advisors of a brokerage firm generally have a narrower range of contracts to offer you.

Choosing the insurance broker who will effectively support you in choosing your insurance is very important. Bank, independent or brokerage company, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons, to request quotes to make the decision that best suits your needs!

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