Motorcycle insurance for terminated: cases and solutions to obtain a quote

Getting new motorcycle insurance after cancellation can be difficult. Regardless of the cause of the breach of contract, insurers are often reluctant to deal with terminated drivers. In order to respond as quickly as possible to legal requirements, it is therefore necessary to move towards a motorcycle insurance for terminated. What are the possible options in this context? How to make the right choice among the offers available on the market?

Motorcycle insurance for terminated: in which cases is it necessary?

Different reasons can lead an insurer to terminate a motorcycle insurance contract unilaterally. The most frequent are:

Non-payment of contributions

Delays or defaults in paying contributions are one of the most frequent cases of motorcycle insurance termination. As provided for in the Insurance Code, the insurer is in fact free to terminate the contract of a insolvent subscriber. Payment incidents are entered in the Agira file ; which complicates any new subscription in another company.

Too high number of claims

Unfortunately, in the event of recurrence of claims for which the driver is found responsible, the insurer can terminate the contract. The multiplication of responsible accidents also entails penalties which are taken into account in the calculation of the CRM (reduction-increase coefficient or bonus malus). A malussé driver will logically have difficulty finding a new contract at a reasonable price.

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Termination for alcohol or drug abuse

Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs are also grounds for termination. Sometimes they are followed by a license suspension or withdrawal. These situations are, quite logically, perceived as additional risks by insurers.

False statements

Whether it is an omission or a proven attempt to deceive the insurer, cases of fraudulent declarations can lead to the outright termination of a two-wheeler insurance contract.

motorcycle insurance terminated

Motorcycle insurance for terminated: what are the solutions ?

Although a malussé driver’s status is a handicap, it does not imply a ban on insurance for his two-wheeler. Depending on the causes identified, some insurers may refuse to offer their services to a terminated or disqualified driver. But as a general rule, most insurers instead offer new contracts with very high scales.

More and more insurers offer, for their part, motorcycle insurance contracts for terminated. Tailor-made, these contracts offer formulas that take into account the different profiles of terminated or disqualified drivers. The ideal is therefore to turn to these companies in order to quickly take out new coverage for your two-wheeler.

What covers for his canceled motorcycle insurance?

Finding a new motorcycle insurance contract with the same coverage as the one that was canceled is not always easy. Indeed, insurers consider terminated drivers as profiles « at risk ». So, in addition to the high premiums they charge, many of them only offer minimal coverage at first.

The future insured therefore generally has no other choice than to be satisfied with a third party insurance. However, if the collaboration progresses well, it may ask to add other options for optimal coverage. Among those considered to be the most important are:

  • Guarantee against theft ;
  • Guarantee assistance ;
  • A juridic protection.
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Depending on the driver’s habits, other more advanced guarantees may also be considered.

Motorcycle insurance for terminated: quotes to make the right choice

As with the subscription to a “classic” motorcycle insurance, it is important to compare the offers before choosing a motorcycle insurance for terminated. For this, the ideal is to use a online comparator. Quick and easy to use, this online tool allows you to obtain, in a few clicks, quotes from several brands. You will be able to compare and make the more advantageous choice taking into account the prices, but also the guarantees offered.

As for an auto insurance comparator for terminated, you will have to provide the information concerning:

  • Your profile : occupation, age, place of residence and driving history;
  • The characteristics of your motorcycle : model, date of entry into service, power, value, equipment;
  • The use you make of it : business trips, private or mixed trips, average distance traveled annually.

Note that a request for a motorcycle insurance quote for terminated does not commit you. You are therefore free not to follow up. You can also perform several quote requests based on different profiles.

Contact the BCT as a last resort

Unfortunately, it can happen that a terminated motorcyclist is faced with several successive refusals from different insurers. In these cases, the Insurance Code authorizes the applicant to contact the BCT (Bureau Central de Tarification). This independent body can initiate an official procedure in order to allow terminated drivers to be reinsured.

To do this, it suffices to establish a file with the organization with proof of at least two refusals. The BCT will then take care of negotiate motorcycle insurance for terminated taking into account the specific case of the applicant.

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