The top 5 neighborhoods to invest in Lyon

Two hours from Paris and close to alpine ski resorts, Lyon is a dynamic city, where the pace of business creation is unabated. Similarly, the rise in real estate prices testifies to the strength of investment, especially in certain districts.

The Gerland district

Located along the Rhône, and corresponding to the 7th arrondissement of the city, the Gerland district has become one of the most important business centers of the capital of Gaul. In full transformation, the district now hosts renowned schools and research laboratories.

It is within this framework that promising real estate programs have been designed. You will find all the necessary information on these projects on the Plan Immobilier website. You will be able to notice in particular that the planned residences are very well located.

Far from being isolated, the Gerland district is indeed linked to the city center by very convenient metro, tram and bus lines. Numerous green spaces, and a charming promenade along the Rhône, make this district a very pleasant place to live.

The residences provided for by the real estate programs are very close to shops and services, which limits the use of the car. As for parents, they will be happy to find schools near their home.

The old Town

Who will be surprised that real estate programs have been designed in the heart of the old town, in the 5th arrondissement? It was there, along the right bank of the Saône, or at the foot of the hill of Fourvière, that the Roman city, capital of the Gauls, was born.

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The vestiges of this glorious past alone are worth the detour and make the district a prestigious setting. Climbing the hill by funicular, and visiting its famous basilica, add to the charm of this district steeped in history.

The old streets of this rehabilitated district also promise picturesque walks. Which Lyonnais would not be proud of its traboules, these curious passages, which cross the courtyards of buildings, and of its corks, which celebrate the best culinary traditions of the capital of Gaul?

It is in this privileged setting that you will be able to live, by taking up residence in one of the residences provided for by a real estate program adapted to your expectations. You will also enjoy the green spaces that adorn the district and the many shops that equip it. As in a village, you can do everything on foot.

Around Part-Dieu

Other real estate programs are planned in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon. In particular, it is home to the Part-Dieu shopping centre, the city’s true economic lung, frequented by millions of visitors. There, as in the Halles Paul Bocuse or the arteries of the district, hundreds of businesses have taken up residence.

In this lively and lively district, cultural and sports facilities are not lacking either. Close to the TGV station, the district is also served by a very dense public transport network, made up of metro, tram and bus lines. Many bike rental stations add to this multifaceted transport offer.

At the heart of this lively and dynamic district, which has become France’s second-largest tertiary centre, quiet locations with a village atmosphere are home to residences. Nearby, shops and restaurants make the place even more pleasant. Well connected to other sectors by convenient means of communication, the district asserts itself as an incomparable place to live.

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The 9th district

Stretched along the Rhône, this recent arrondissement, created in the 1960s, notably includes the districts of Vaise and Saint-Rambert. Their industrial vocation has been partly maintained, giving the district its own personality. In some places, however, factories gave way to businesses and residential buildings.

This dynamism, also based on the development of tertiary activities, in no way prevents the presence of quiet streets, with a peaceful atmosphere. On a small island in the river, beautiful residences are hidden behind the gates of their vast parks.

It is understandable that real estate programs have wanted to take advantage of the village atmosphere and the green setting of a district which, in certain respects, evokes a little the countryside. It is however not far from the city center, well served by public transport. Returning, after a tiring day, to your calm and shaded residence, is only a matter of a few minutes.

Two quarters in one: United States and Monplaisir

It is not surprising that real estate programs have emerged in these districts, which are included in the 8th arrondissement of Lyon.

It is that the place does not lack attractions. It is here that the Lumière brothers’ villa and the Institute of the same name recount a unique adventure, that of the birth of cinema. Not far from there, one of the very first films was shot, « La sortie de l’usine Lumière ».

In addition, the United States district retains traces of the original urban planning project that allowed it to see the light of day. Next to the large housing estates, the Monplaisir district offers its shopping streets and residential areas.

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What makes one of the attractions of these districts is their easy connection with the city centre. The metro and tram lines provide very convenient service. In addition, the proximity of a ring road and a highway facilitate travel outside the Lyon metropolitan area. This opening up explains the successful establishment of many businesses.

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