Myfoncia: the Foncia customer area

The Foncia group, which has existed since 1972, is one of the most well-known residential real estate services in France as well as in Europe. Specialized in the rental of real estate and rental and condominium management, the group has set up a space reserved for their client. Find out what the Myfoncia customer area consists of and its many advantages. We tell you all about the steps to take to gain access to your Foncia group customer account.

Myfoncia, how it works ?

The Foncia group launched the Myfoncia customer account in 2012. Thanks to this space, the customer can follow his files where all the information relating to its real estate is stored.

All the supporting documents useful to the client’s file are available on the Foncia group’s client space. Tax notice, identity document, rent receipt… Any document can be stored online and consulted at any time.

This centralization allows better monitoring of rent payments. This is more practical for the client, but also for the agency in charge of the file.

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Why have a Myfoncia account?

Thanks to your Foncia customer space, available at any time, you have the possibility of upload any document. This speeds up the process. File follow-up is thus optimized with speed and efficiency.

From your home, you have the possibility to manage your real estate. If in doubt about the amount or date of your next rent, go to your Myfoncia customer area to confirm the information. It will take you less time to consult an electronic document than to open physical files…

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On the other hand, take advantage of this space to update your personal data (change of address, telephone number or email address, etc.).

How to connect to Myfoncia?

Access your customer area on the website.

The first connection codes are available on different documents. If you are a co-owner, find your identifiers on the last call for funds. The tenants will have to retrieve their code on the last notice of expiry or the first rent reminder. Finally, the owners will have access to their connection code by referring to the management report.

Your username and password give you access to your Myfoncia customer account. Then update your codes by replacing them with the ones you want. However, certain rules must be respected: at least six lowercase letters, one uppercase letter and one number.

Securing my Myfoncia customer area: how to do ?

The personal space of each Myfoncia client is secure. Indeed, before accessing your account, you must enter your username and password. No one other than you can access your space. Never share your credentials with a third party.

On the other hand, choose a code that is difficult to find in order to protect your Foncia group customer account.

What to do in case of connection problem?

In case of difficulties connecting to your customer account, a hotline is at your disposal. This turns out to be operational from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (5 p.m. on Friday). On the phone, the assistant will ask you for your last name, your first name and the name of the Foncia agency in charge of your file as well as the reason for your call.

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Before contacting the Foncia hotline service, make sure you have entered the correct username and password, taking care with upper and lower case letters.

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