Cancer season

The start of the Cancer season is always a special celestial event as it coincides with the solstice of June 20/21. The solstice represents the longest or shortest day of the year depending on which hemisphere of the world you live in. It is also said to be a time when the veil between dimensions

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Chiron’s demotion

All about Chiron’s demotion Chiron goes into retrograde on July 15, 2021, joining Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. All of these cosmic bodies are retrograde each year, so this energy is part of the natural rhythm that we experience each year. Adding Chiron to the retrograde mix, however, brings a new dynamic to work with

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The Lion Season

During cancer season, we are likely to focus on family and household matters. However, as we move into Leo season, that energy changes, allowing us to step into a more creative, daring, and energetic space. Leo is ruled by the Sun and this is the time to show off, make courageous decisions, and bathe in

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Which parent is Scorpio?

The Scorpio parent The Scorpio parent does not allow their children to be inactive and always finds them something to do. The Scorpio parent prefers to establish rules in the family and demands their respect. Scorpio parents take great care of their families, know how to befriend their children, but it is not always easy

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