Capping my credit card: what can I do?

A blocked credit card? This can happen when your banking transactions have exceeded the ceiling assigned to you, even if your account is still funded. Whether you then make a payment or a withdrawal with your credit card, you will no longer be able to carry out the operation. Follow the few tips we offer in this post so that you can remove your credit card cap, whether permanently or temporarily.

Make an appointment with your account manager

You will have to make purchases in store or on the Internet, but your credit card refuses the payment because you have exceeded the ceiling of your payment? You can resolve this situation immediately by contacting your account manager. Two solutions are available to you in this specific case, either you ask your banker to change your credit card into a blue card with a much higher payment and withdrawal ceiling, or you ask him to temporarily increase the ceiling. withdrawal of your credit card. This second solution is much more practical in the event that you only have a temporary need to make a major purchase, such as when you are doing work in your house or when you are carrying out a project to renew your furniture. In any case, if you have never encountered problems managing your bank account, namely excessive overdraft authorization, your manager has no reason to refuse your request. Note also that you can make your request by phone, email or by going directly to your bank branch.

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The procedure to put in place if you are abroad

Your credit card is blocked while you are abroad? This is a situation that can happen to anyone, especially during vacation periods. However, you wonder what you can do in this situation, such as paying for the rental of your vehicle or paying for personal purchases, for example. If the reason is that your payment or withdrawal limit has been reached, the best solution is also to contact your banker as soon as possible. You can contact him by phone or email to ask him to uncap your credit card, at least during the time of your trip. Sending a photocopy of one of your identity documents by email is recommended so that your account manager can be sure that it is exactly you who is making the request and not a scammer. If you have family or a friend who can lend you funds while your credit card is operational again, that would also be more suitable. In case of trouble with a mute card, here are our tips.

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A few tips to avoid blocking your credit card

Most often, it’s when you least expect it that small problems, such as a blocked credit card, happen. In order to avoid having this kind of concern, it is particularly important to ask your bank advisor about the withdrawal and payment limit assigned to your card. To be aware of the ceiling of your credit card, you can also consult your credit card contract. This verification must be done before going abroad. Indeed, it is never pleasant to end up with a blocked credit card when making payments during your holidays. Just as you will have taken care to choose your travel insurance, do not forget to take the time to think about your finances by ensuring an adequate ceiling with your credit card. If you also find that the ceiling is too restricted, you have the option of requesting an increase, either on an ad hoc basis or permanently. In any case, do not forget to bring supporting documents to your banker so that he cannot refuse your request.

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