How do I get an invoice on Amazon?

Today, more and more people are ordering online. Among the most popular sites, especially during the holidays, there is of course Amazon. Who does not know the American giant specializing in distance selling? To make a gift or afford the latest trend, then just a few clicks. In a physical store, it is easy to get an invoice with VAT. Just ask the seller. But what about the online store? How do I get an invoice on Amazon? Discover all the methods and techniques for downloading and/or printing an invoice on the site. And also follow our tips for obtaining an order summary or receipt. All the steps to obtain proof of purchase (digital content, gift voucher, item sold by Amazon or Marketplace, etc.).

How do I get an invoice on Amazon or an order summary?

For each of your orders placed on the site, you can print an invoice or a summary from your account. Printing a duplicate invoice with VAT has been possible since August 17, 2016.

To have an invoice on Amazon, follow this procedure:

  • go to the “Your orders” section on the site;
  • then find the order for which you wish to download or print the invoice or order summary;
  • then, click on an invoice;
  • you will then have the choice between two options: print an invoice with VAT (in this case, a link « Print an invoice » will be displayed at the top right of the page) or print the order summary only;
  • finally, print the invoice or order summary.
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To know : If you don’t see the relevant order in the « Your orders » section, select another option from the « In the last six months » drop-down menu.

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Cases where it is impossible to have an invoice on Amazon

There are several cases where it is not possible to download or print an invoice on the Amazon site:

  • the order is pending shipment. The invoice will then be available as soon as your package is sent;
  • you chose the gift option and the order was shipped before July 15, 2016. To access a printable version of your order summary, go to « Your Account »;
  • your item was sold by a Marketplace seller. Amazon cannot provide an invoice. You must contact the seller to obtain an invoice for the product;
  • the items in the order were purchased more than three years ago. Amazon is unable to issue an invoice;
  • it is a gift certificate. Amazon does not provide a VAT invoice for this type of order. Only an order summary is available from the « Your orders » section.

To note : if the products ordered were sold by Amazon, contact the American giant so that it sends you a duplicate.

How do I print an invoice on Amazon for digital content and services?

If you want to download and print an invoice for digital products, you must follow this procedure:

  • find your order confirmation email as it contains a link to the order summary page;
  • from this page, find an invoice with VAT for each digital order sent after the 1er January 2015.

It is also possible to print an invoice with VAT from the summary page of the digital order, without having to open the confirmation email.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • go to “Your orders”;
  • then select « Digital controls »;
  • then find the desired command;
  • then, click on “Order details”;
  • in case of an invoice with VAT available, an option is visible to print or download. It is located at the top left of the page;
  • print the invoice.
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To note : if you do not see your order, select one of the options in the drop-down menu to choose the desired period.

Amazon Prime Membership: how to get an invoice?

You can also print a VAT receipt or invoice for your Amazon Prime membership. Go to the “Your account” section, then “Amazon Prime”.

It is possible to print an invoice with VAT only for Amazon Prime subscriptions or registration renewals after the 1er January 2015.

Regarding subscriptions before 1er January 2015, it proved impossible to obtain an Amazon invoice. However, you can print a receipt. To do this, go to the “Amazon Prime: manage my settings” page from the “Your account” section. Then click on the link “View printable receipt”. You will see your receipt and the « Print » button appear.

VAT on products sold by Amazon

Value added tax is applied to goods sold by the American giant within the European Union. This is because, under applicable law, Amazon must charge VAT on orders shipped to EU countries. And the tax is applied in accordance with the local law of each country.

Thus, the price displayed on the site includes French VAT. However, the final amount may vary depending on the actual VAT rate applied to the order. For orders within the European Union, the amount of French VAT will be deducted from the price and the VAT rate applied will be that of the country of destination of the order. And this, whether it is a question of physical or immaterial goods such as digital content and services.

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If you want to use your VAT number for your purchases on the site, you must consult the page “Buying as a VAT registered customer within the European Union”.

Finally, if you want to print an invoice or an order summary for digital content or a service, then consult the Amazon page « Print an invoice with VAT for digital content and services ».

Alternatives to Amazon

Are you having trouble getting your invoices from Amazon or are you having issues with purchased products? Although Amazon has many advantages due to a very extensive product catalog, fast delivery, always available after-sales service, there are still some disadvantages to buying on this marketplace:

  • Significant carbon footprint.
  • Use of precarious jobs.

If you simply prefer to buy local products, from a French company, know that is a serious alternative to amazon. It is a « made in France » marketplace that pays its taxes locally and promotes short circuits.

The operation of this French marketplace is very simple since gives French producers and manufacturers the possibility of putting their products on the marketplace free of charge. In exchange, will take a simple commission of 7% for each sale. You should know that as a general rule, commissions on other marketplaces are sometimes around 15%.

Out of respect for the environment, the eco-responsible marketplace will automatically suggest producers or manufacturers who are near your home.

Last interesting point, the site has an internal search engine that will allow you to sort your products according to different criteria, namely the price, the origin of the product or the impact of its manufacture on the environment. As you will have understood, is a serious alternative to the big international marketplaces.

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