Why opt for a garden furniture in cellular concrete?

If you want to organize your garden well, a cellular concrete garden furniture is an excellent choice. Soft and relatively easy to work, this material is indeed increasingly used in various construction and landscaping works. This article explains in more detail the advantages and possibilities that it offers for the arrangement of your garden.

Garden furniture in cellular concrete: What is it about ?

The garden is a space in your home that deserves special attention. In addition to maintaining it well, it is also advisable to set up a space for relaxation and sharing. In this context, the installation of a comfortable garden furniture with adequate outdoor furniture is opportune.

For this, a wide choice is offered in terms of materials. The most common being:

  • Wood ;
  • Metal ;
  • Resin ;
  • Plastic ;
  • Aerated concrete.

Also called « Siporex » (by antonomase), the latter is a material created using an innovative process. developed by W. Michaelis in 1880. Cellular concrete is obtained by mixing, in very precise proportions, water, cement, sand, aluminum (powder or paste) and air. Today it is widely used in construction and development work due to its special characteristics.

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What are the advantages of cellular concrete for your garden furniture?

By virtue of its composition and structure, the use of cellular concrete for the manufacture of garden furniture has several advantages.

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A light and flexible material at will

Aerated concrete is a very light material. It weighs indeed almost 6 times less than conventional concrete. It is usually marketed as rectangular blocks that are easy to lay and seal together with thin, thin-set mortar joints.

The structure of these blocks is also easy to cut. All it takes is a handsaw or jigsaw and a little know-how to bring the furniture of your dreams to life. You can thus design custom garden furniture. The same goes for the finishes: paint, tiles, plaster… Cellular concrete adapts to all your decorating desires!

Cellular Concrete Garden Furniture

Good insulation and robust

The molecular structure of aerated concrete blocks allows furniture designed in this material to be protected from humidity. Indeed, Siporex is a mixture of closed concrete microcells separated by thin walls to prevent capillary rise. The surface of cellular concrete garden furniture therefore remains dry. In addition, their structure does not deteriorate under the effect of water. What is important for an outdoor furniture.

Good fire resistance

Aerated concrete is a non-flammable material. You can therefore install a barbecue in your garden without any fear. For information, the melting point of aerated concrete is 1200 ° C, which classifies it in category A1 of the flammability scale.

Some layout ideas for a garden furniture in cellular concrete

If you opt for a Siporex garden furniture set, this implies that most of your furniture will be stationary. You can therefore install:

Aerated concrete benches and benches

A masonry bench

The masonry bench is generally the main element of the furniture of a cellular concrete garden furniture. With its bohemian side, it is a perfect alternative to the standard garden furniture (table, chair, armchair, etc.). In addition, it is ideal for comfortably enjoying a moment of relaxation in the sun at home.

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For your masonry bench in cellular concrete, you are free to choose a bench with or without armrests, immaculate or colored. Use your creativity to achieve a perfect assembly of the chosen colors and other accessories to insert in the space.

A large bench in cellular concrete

An interesting alternative to bench seats is the design of a large angled bench. A bit like a corner sofa in an interior, this type of furniture gives presence and highlights your garden. It also offers a comfortable seat, ideal for moments of sharing and conviviality at home.

Whatever your choice, do not forget to add large and beautiful cushions to your furniture, the colors of which blend in with the rest of the decor of your home.

Aerated concrete tables

Apart from benches and benches, it is also possible to design aerated concrete tables for your garden furniture. These can be mobile or fixed. In both cases, it can be a side table or a sofa end.

Note also that it is possible to combine cellular concrete with other materials. One of the most frequently used for these purposes is wood. The furniture thus created makes it possible to take advantage of the combined advantages of these two materials. Your cellular concrete garden furniture will only be more durable and more elegant.

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