How to become a professional tipster?

Also called professional bettor, the forecaster earns money by betting online. Sports betting sites are an exceptional playground for them. The professional bettor can also lose money, he does not systematically win all his bets. On the other hand, this professional knows how to limit losses and manage his money effectively. What is a real professional tipster? How to become a seasoned bettor? We tell you everything about this job like no other.

What is a professional bettor?

Generally, professional bettors are specialized in a specific area. Some of them excel in football betting, for example. To be competent in his chosen field, the professional bettor must be informed very regularly, almost on time (last minute changes, statistics, etc.).

On the other hand, the tipster must keep accounts of his winnings. This allows him to assess his progress and determine the various factors influencing his game. This analysis allows the bettor to improve.

How to become a professional tipster?

Bookmakers must obligatorily master the techniques of sports betting. Nevertheless, good bettors adopt their own strategy. Note, you do not become a professional bettor overnight. It takes practice, just like a sportsman. To become a pro, you have to practice. Start first on online betting sites accessible to beginners. Be careful, always select reliable websites. This will allow you to earn some money and refine your strategy.

The other step is to bet on value bets. These are bets with very advantageous odds. It is these bets that allow professionals to get rich. To claim the prize, it is essential to be a connoisseur of the sport in question. Tipsters designate tipsters specializing in a specific area. Some rely on the predictions of these players to bet.

The stars of the trade

Being a professional bettor requires both patience and perseverance. The forecaster must have a long-term vision and set a goal to achieve. When he has to suffer losses, he must be able to react in a positive way. Rigor is also required in this extraordinary profession. To hope to earn a living as a betting professional, you need a certain strength of character.

Some French people manage to make a living as bookmakers. Among them, Maxence Rigottier or Arnaud Rael. Both also advise players on various platforms. Arnaud Rael, football specialist, has even developed a bet management tool.

The American Billy Walters is a legend in the world of sports betting. This man managed to become a millionaire thanks to his bets.

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Living decently from his job as a forecaster is quite possible. However, it is a profession that remains difficult to access and requires a lot of patience. Chance holds little place in the world of sports betting. Sharp knowledge and an effective strategy are necessary to achieve significant gains.

8 tips for breaking into the profession of professional tipster

Everyone gets caught up in the game of betting whether it is for sports competitions, horse racing, the lottery or other. To make life easier for bettors, some people provide them with predictions made after complex statistics. These are called tipsters. However, it is not always so easy to earn a living this way. Here are 8 tips to become a real professional tipster.

be patient

To be one of the best tipsters, one quality is essential: patience. Being a professional tipster requires a lot of time because there is real preparatory work to be done. Gather as much information as possible about the sporting (or other) event. In addition, to gain the confidence of the bettors, it is necessary to be rigorous. The forecasts must allow bettors to earn money and will therefore be the result of an in-depth analysis.

Focus on your business side

In addition to these two essential qualities, a good forecaster must highlight his commercial side. The goal is to regularly attract new customers. For this, a solution is possible: alternate free and paid predictions. This way of proceeding is used by many forecasters because it reassures sometimes hesitant bettors before investing their money.

Have a specialty area

To become a better tipster, it is recommended to specialize in one area (football, basketball…). It is difficult or even impossible to be able to offer reliable forecasts in all sports fields. Indeed, each prognosis requires time before it can be proposed in a serene way. That’s why it’s best to focus on one discipline. Preferably, a discipline that fascinates and for which one has good knowledge.

Be a good bettor

To become a professional tipster, you have to be sure to offer bettors reliable forecasts. Before starting, you have to make sure that you are already a good bettor yourself and therefore have a positive ratio on your own bets. Otherwise, it is better to wait for the trend to reverse before launching and becoming a professional tipster.

Become known

To be a good tipster, you must also make yourself known to the betting community. For this, registration to a site is strongly recommended. In this area, competition is fierce and it is absolutely necessary to be visible to stand out from the others. Generally, registration is free and allows you, little by little, to create your own community.

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Take care of your community

A professional tipster must take care of his community by offering reliable forecasts but above all by knowing how to react, both to victories and to defeats. Because it happens, surprises can happen and upset all the predictions. Even if the failures are linked, you have to know how to reassure your community of bettors.

Be honest with your community

A professional tipster is also an honest tipster. As in sport, cheating is prohibited! Some bettors are ready to invest large sums of money to win over the long term if profitability is assured. But for that, they must have confidence in their tipster. The latter must therefore communicate both his victories and his defeats.

Diversify your investments

This job being risky, it is preferable to have another source of income. In the event of a series of defeats, new strategies will have to be put in place. For example, by becoming a bettor again to earn money and then be able to win again. Finally, a professional forecaster will have to keep accounts to realize the evolution of the gains and thus analyze his strong and weak points to improve.

Tipsters have grown wildly in recent years. Although there are very well established tipster companies in France (and in other countries), some are shelved because of the shadow caused by these companies. However, the flesh-and-blood tipsters should not be overlooked. These are much more efficient and will help you find the right combinations to earn money through a football match, a basketball match, a tennis match or even a hockey match. However, some of them can offer a lot more choice, which is practical when you are interested in other sports. As this source shows, there are tipsters who are pioneers in this field. As we said before, it is possible that you do not know the tipsters that we are going to quote you. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to retain at least the three which will follow.

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Avidice: the rising star

It is possible that you do not know Avidece yet and it is a big mistake since it ranks first on the podium in some tipsters’ opinions. Avidece will be able to increase your profitability by 186% with the help of its forecasts. In terms of price, the latter will offer you a monthly subscription without commitment at the price of 29 €. A sum that can be quickly amortized with the help of its forecasts. As for the site, it offers Bankroll management as well as a pro analysis section. Finally, you will be surprised by the responsiveness of the support in the event of a problem on the platform.

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Woppy: the one-time payment tipster, such as his tips

If there’s another tipster to remember, it’s Wopy. Like the one mentioned above, Wopy will allow you to increase your earnings by 121%. As for the subscription, Wopy has therefore decided to charge you a single sum of €59, giving you lifetime access to its predictions. In terms of the ergonomics of the site and customer service, the tipster has surrounded himself with the best to achieve all this. The site is very fluid, the forecasts are well indicated and in the event of a problem, you will be accompanied by an after-sales service and a hand-stitched customer service. He is a tipster that we recommend without hesitation.

GPA: the 100% free tipster

We’ve introduced you to two paid tipsters, so it’s okay to introduce you to a free one. Not all of us can pay, so it’s only natural that we introduce AMP, a tipster that relies entirely on free predictions. The latter will come like the others to offer you quality customer service in order to meet your needs when you have a question. In terms of profitability, the AMP tipster will increase your profitability by 81%.

Increase your winnings with tipsters

Whether you choose a paid or free tipster, you can be sure to make money using their tips. You want to start betting on football matches, basketball matches, tennis matches or even a hockey match, you will find what you are looking for on the internet. Tipsters will also be able to offer you tips on other sports such as rugby, handball, horse racing, etc. In short, there are many ways to earn money, you just have to take the first step. In recent years, predictions have increased by 80% with increasingly young bettors. As a reminder, it is internet to bet when you are a minor. In the meantime, the tipsters present on the various comparisons will always remain transparent given that they do their job with passion. Don’t overlook the free tipsters, many of them will allow you to win handsome sums. Moreover, when you go to the site of a tipster, go to the GTC (general conditions of sale) and that of the legal notices, the latter will allow you to check if it is a tipster of confidence. There is another way to see if it is a fake tipster, the Bankroll, this feature is very popular with bettors, if it is not present it is again a scam. Stay tuned.

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