Which online bank to choose in 2019? Expert advice

A few years ago, no one would have imagined entrusting their money to a dematerialized bank. However, since their appearance, online banks have continued to be emulated. So, when you want to take the plunge, what is the best online bank in 2019? We have drawn up for you a list of the essential criteria to get you started and a small comparison of the banks that stand out on the different services.

How can a bank be judged to be a good bank?

Offers :

For this comparison, we have only relied on online banks that offer all the offers that their physical counterparts could offer. These banks therefore make it possible not only to open a current account, but also to subscribe to savings solutions, to apply for a mortgage (for 90% of them) or credits, to carry out shares on the stock market, etc. …On the contrary, we will not talk about what are called neo-banks, available only via mobile application.

Customer Support:

When you are a bank customer, you sometimes need personalized information, details of certain operations. What could previously hinder purists, attached to physical banks, is now disappearing because all online banks offer customer support, often over a longer period of time than conventional banks. To find out if an online bank will provide quality customer service, make sure you can easily find a phone number where you can reach them, the days and times you are likely to reach them. Normally, you will also find the cost of your call per minute. The banks also communicate on the speed of posting and the rate of customer satisfaction, following these various calls. To be sure that you are not mistaken, you can surely find consumers on the net who will give positive or negative opinions on these various points which may be important.

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Comparison between the different online banks:

Bank charges:

Do you know that a person who has an account in a physical establishment (a traditional bank), will generally have 200 euros in bank charges per year? This is one of the reasons why the French have turned to online banks. The majority of them are free for overhead!

The price of credit cards:

As for bank charges, most online banks offer their customers a free bank card, subject to a minimum income per month, which differs according to the establishments and also according to the type of card (Classic, Gold or Infinite) . Examples include Hello Bank, BforBank, Fortuneo, ING Direct and Boursorama Banque. MonaBanq charges 24 euros for one year; which is still very reasonable, knowing that no monthly income is required here.

Life insurance:

All online banks offer one. In terms of yield (2017 figures), the most interesting bank is BforBank with a yield of 3%. Fortuneo is in 2nd place with 2.8% and Boursorama at 2.10%. Good last, Hello Bank offers 1.70% return. Even in the last place of such a ranking, when we make a comparison with Livret A or LDD type investments which only allow an annual return of 0.75% in a traditional bank, we continue to be winners in a bank in line. Learn more about life insurance taxation.

Consumer credit:

Consumer loans have, after being shunned for a long time, experienced a real rebound since 2017. This cannot be denied with online banks, which offer very advantageous rates and rapid agreements in principle. As far as consumer credit is concerned, hello Bank is the winner with a fixed APR of 1.80%, followed by Boursorama (1.95%) and BforBank with 2.50%. It should be noted that ING Direct and Fortuneo do not currently offer this type of service.

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Savings account :

Hello Bank appears to be the best online bank for savings accounts, with an interest rate of 1%, with no ceiling, followed by BforBank and Monabank. It is necessary to take in this calculation, the welcome offers and the sums paid for the opening of a booklet.

Real estate loan:

This offer has recently appeared in the offers of online banks. Some don’t offer it yet. Users were right to wait, as rates fluctuate between 1 and 2.15% for repayment terms of up to 25 years. They therefore align themselves, on this last point, with the traditional banks. On the amount side, it is, for some banks, not possible to borrow less than 50,000 or even 100,000 euros. What about people who would like to make a very good deal in renovation or buy a garage? For these particular cases, online banks are the bad students.

Customer service :

We talked about it at the beginning of this article. Customer support is all the more important with an online bank as it is the only way to communicate with a physical person. This is essential for a better understanding of the problems and providing concrete solutions. Thus, it is easy to find the customer service numbers of Monabank and Fortuneo while it is complicated for Boursorama. Hello Bank carries out an assessment of customer expectations. While most offer premium rate calls, Monabanq informs its customers that they will pay the price of a call as well as 0.06 euros per minute, knowing that it offers the customer to call back if it suits him better. ING has the best responsiveness with a waiting time estimated at 0, while it takes an average of 10 minutes to reach an adviser at Boursorama bank. The palm of the quality of answers goes to ING direct, knowing that certain banks do not wish to communicate on this fact.

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For many services, online banks are becoming comparable to traditional banks. They are even ahead of them on many points. The French are not mistaken. More than 5 million of them have chosen dematerialized banking as a single bank or coupled with a physical bank, to juggle their various advantages. Online banks are hoping for 10 million customers and more by 2020… And you, what do you think?

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