How to change the registered office of your company?

A company may be required, during its life, to change its registered office, that is to say its address. To do this, she must take various steps.

Modification of the statutes

At the time of the declaration of change of registered office to the CFE (Business Formalities Center) or the registry, the manager of the company has the obligation to produce the amended articles of association and the report mentioning the change of registered office. In general, it is the leader who decides on this change, a decision which must subsequently be ratified by the partners.

Declaration of change of registered office

Two formalities must be carried out by the legal representative

1st formality

The manager must publish, in a journal of legal announcements, a notice of modification to inform of the change of registered office. This announcement mentions the old and the new address of the company. The deadline for carrying out this formality is one month from the decision to change address. If the head office moves to another department, the manager must make two publications: in the original department and in the new department.

2nd formality

The request for change of registered office must be sent to the CFE or to the registry of the new registered office. This file can be sent by post or electronically.

Documents to provide

The formalities for changing a company’s address are accompanied by various documents:
– articles of association dated, updated and certified true to the original by the legal representative;
– decision to transfer the registered office declared compliant by the manager;
– proof of use of the new site, commercial lease, for example;
– notice of publication in a legal newspaper or corresponding certificate;
– Cerfa no. 11682*03.
These formalities are mandatory for all types of companies, SCI (real estate civil society) or commercial company.

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Avoid successive changes of registered office

To avoid having to complete any formalities each time your company changes your address, you will need to think about the various options available to you beforehand.
One of them resides in the fact of having your company domiciled at your personal address. Of course, the problem will arise if you change your place of residence, but this can be a good compromise if you are not sure of using a professional location in the long term.

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