On what criteria to choose the best online bank?

Online banks are now part of the professional landscape of financial institutions. They make every effort to attract more and more customers, with offers dedicated to individuals, self-employed people or VSEs/SMEs. But what criteria should be used to guide your choice towards an appropriate establishment?

What are the particularities of an online bank?

The services of an online bank are for the most part dematerialized. It does not have a physical agency to welcome its customers as in the case of traditional brands. Everything is done via the Internet. One of the objectives of these financial establishments is to make the customer totally independent in his daily relationship with his bank. It is this rather particular mode of operation that allows these structures to offer service prices much lower than those of conventional banks.

Their seduction policy includes, for example: free bank cards, donations offered after opening a current account (up to €80 paid to the customer), non-invoicing of account maintenance fees, etc. As for paid services, the rates are low and very competitive.

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Online bank : What criteria should be used to make a choice?

It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of online banking offers and bank fee comparisons. To help you navigate your way to a wise choice, here are some criteria to consider:

The fluidity of the application interface

Some Internet banking interfaces are much more elaborate than others. There are functional management criteria such as the graphic universe of the application, the quality of navigation, the download time, the ease of the customer journey to benefit from the various online services. So many details that are likely to influence your satisfaction.

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The range of dematerialized services

This is the range of banking products offered: ease of opening and consulting an account online, existence of basic operations (transfers, withdrawals, authorized overdraft, etc.), regular obtaining of an account statement, etc. Choose the online bank whose financial products best match your customer profile, or your business model (self-employed, TPME/SME, etc.).

Online banking fees

Once you have selected the remote banking packages closest to your expectations, you have the opportunity to compare their prices. In this case, the prices of operations that are not included in the package offer, the additional costs in the event of over-consumption of the service, the rates for agios, the costs of loss of cards and resetting of secret codes, etc

Specialized offers

Online banks also stand out with innovative services for minors. The latter can benefit from a welcome offer when opening an account, a reduction in the cost of using the account and a free bank card. Specific savings solutions are also offered to children under 12 who cannot yet hold a Livret Jeune. If you want to open an online account for your child in order to finance his higher education later, it is important to choose your e-bank carefully now, to do this, find the best online bank on the Gagnargent.com site!

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