The Airbus share: presentation and analysis

Airbus shares are experiencing almost daily fluctuations but with an upward trend in this mid-June, and have been since the beginning of 2019. These shares seem reliable and perhaps the temptation should be resisted. resell its shares in the event of a drop over a few consecutive days, as was the case at the beginning of June. It seems that the action will burst the ceiling, business to follow.

Presentation of Airbus

Airbus, the major European aeronautics manufacturer headed by Mr Guillaume Faury is located in Blagnac, near Toulouse. The legal form of the company is « Simplified stock company » known by the acronym SAS. Airbus and Boeing are competitors and if they were neck and neck between 2000 and 2013, Boeing has since taken a head start with a stock market which has soared in particular since July 2018 before falling sharply, the fault certainly to the 2 aircraft crashes at the start of 2019. Airbus, for its part, has risen sharply (67.5%) since January 2019, even if the action is still very low compared to Boeing.

Airbus share analysis

Before investing in the stock market and buying Airbus shares, let’s look for a few things to better understand their values.

The stock identity card

We must know the origin and the health of a stock before buying it, here is how they look (the data is that of Friday, June 13, 2019):

  • Total market capitalization: All stocks and their value placed on the stock market. For Airbus it amounts to 92,731.82 M€
  • Number of shares: the number of shares in circulation: 774,443,093
  • Place of quotation: financial place: Euronext Paris formerly, « La Bourse de Paris ».
  • Market: the stock market is segmented into compartments. For Airbus, it is « Compartment A », the one that brings together the largest stocks on the market.
  • Index: CAC40: Continuous Assisted Quotation whose initial value was 1000 points, it is based on 40 shares among the 100 most active companies on the stock market.
  • Sector of activity: here, aeronautics. The price of the Airbus share is today: €123.50
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The health of the action

Airbus With the announcement of its participation in the Paris Air Show and the expectation of potential buyers, customers and users of the A321 XLR, the share price continues to rise and strengthen. If it manages to obtain an order for 200 aircraft, Airbus will then be able to launch production for reception of the aircraft in 2023.

For the moment, Airbus does not have to worry about Boeing, which is recovering with difficulty from the loss of two of its aircraft and the recall of many other 737 and 777 aircraft, moreover it is forced to manufacture less of 737 MAX (20%).

Airbus can only take advantage of the windfall to climb to the firmament of the stock market index. Airbus’ health is good for now, it is advisable to take advantage of it. Live buy and sell simulators of the Airbus share price prove to us that now is the time to buy. Be careful however to watch carefully day after day or even hour after hour that there is not a grain of sand that comes to disturb this beautiful ascent. It could join the coast of Boeing, if that were the case, the action would take a very high value.

It could join the coast of Boeing, if that were the case, the action would take a very high value.

How to buy or sell shares?

Many sites on the Internet advise you and guide you step by step. If the idea is nice, it is not always very effective and we often lose feathers.

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Beginners in the stock market must create trust with a trader who will guide them live. He can push or dissuade him from buying or selling if he thinks it’s not the right time. It is also not immune to error, but it will only push you to buy or sell when the situation seems the least risky. There may be less profit than if you had taken more risk, but in another sense, it is better to earn small sums at the beginning, the time to gain confidence and to learn the BA BA of the trader.

The end of the calendar year is crucial for taking stock of the actions and of what has been won. It is sometimes better to sell your shares and buy them back the next day or two days later if they continue to rise! The benefit obtained is very present, as the proverb says: « A yours is better than two you will have! » A review is often beneficial, in the new year, to see things more clearly and make a fresh start.

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