5 tips for losing weight before summer

45% of French people say summer is their favorite season. No doubt because summer is synonymous with sun, beach, vacation and lighter clothes. The coats are stored in the wardrobe and give way to the swimsuits. Bodies reveal themselves and this can be a real complexion for many of us. So, to feel better in your body (and in your mind), here are 5 tips for losing weight before summer.

Rebalance your diet

It’s no secret that to lose weight you need to eat well. For breakfast, we opt for slow sugars (bread or cereals), proteins (eggs, cheese, ham, yogurt, almonds…) and fruit. Lunch and dinner will consist of starchy foods and protein (grilled fish or meat).

Another important thing: we often think that skipping a meal makes you lose weight. It’s wrong. To compensate for the “skipped” meal, the body will catch up on the next one and the effect will be counterproductive. To lose weight before summer, you should not skip meals and eat your fill. This will provide the body with everything it needs to be in shape and, above all, it will prevent cravings. Losing weight before summer is good, but you shouldn’t put your health at risk.

Despite everything, a desire to snack can occur at any time, especially before a meal or in the middle of the afternoon. To lose weight, you should avoid throwing yourself on a sweet food but favor a healthy and light snack. For example, a fruit, an excellent natural appetite suppressant.

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Finally, as with any diet, it is important to indulge yourself from time to time. Feeling frustrated will not help with weight loss.

Hydrate your body

When you want to lose weight, the most important thing is to hydrate your body well. But not all drinks are suitable! The first thing to do is limit alcohol. Indeed, in addition to being harmful to health, it is a very caloric product. We must therefore say stop to wine, beer, whiskey, Champagne …

On the other hand, no restrictions on water, infusions and green tea, a major slimming ally. It makes it possible to reduce the absorption of lipids by the stomach, it participates in the balance of the intestinal flora, it helps to fight against water retention and reduces the appearance of cellulite. To lose pounds, it is advisable to drink 1.5 liters of water per day. Hydrating your body is also very important during a workout.

Getting (back) to sport

We repeat it very often, in order to lose weight, you have to do some physical activity, whatever it is. It is important to be active when dieting. But, for this to be successful, sport must remain a pleasure and not a constraint. So you have to do something that you like and that is in line with your physical form: go for a walk in the countryside, go to the swimming pool, dance, ride a bike… This activity should be practiced as often as possible. The idea is not to register for the next marathon but to find a beautiful figure before the summer. Weight loss will be faster in an active person than in a sedentary person. This time will also allow all the accumulated stress to be evacuated, which will promote the elimination of calories stored in the form of fat. All the more so since stress will generate the secretion of a hormone that encourages snacking …

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Using food supplements

Taking medications or supplements can help with weight loss. Saxenda is a medicine designed to help with weight loss. Composed of liraglutide, it stimulates the production of insulin by the pancreas. Therefore, the feeling of fullness is experienced much faster. Available by prescription, this medication is intended for people suffering from obesity, with a BMI of 27. It is in the form of a subcutaneous injection.

Stay motivated and take your time

The important thing in a diet is to eat according to your needs and above all, to go at your own pace. Following a restrictive diet is useless because it will generate a feeling of deprivation and, possibly, relaxation or even abandonment after a few weeks. In addition, a restrictive diet is often short to lose weight quickly. But weight gain is almost inevitable at the slightest food gap. With a suitable diet, weight loss will certainly be longer because, spread over time, but the pounds lost will not be taken back.

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