Herbal medicine and aromatherapy as natural medicines

The treatment of our ailments does not depend only on traditional medicine. Other types of care, based on the use of plants, can help their healing. But these natural medicines can also, like aromatherapy and herbal medicine, bring us better emotional balance.

Natural medicines to treat yourself

Health Essential Oil

Aromatherapists use essential oils to relieve the ailments of their patients. These are highly concentrated extracts obtained by steam distillation of various parts of the plant.

Essential oils therefore contain very active ingredients. They therefore require precautions for use and the opinion of a competent professional. Indeed, there are oils that are prohibited for distribution ! It is therefore essential to seek advice from a health professional. Also important reminder: it should not be broadcast in the presence of a pregnant woman and children.

In inhalation, on the skin, orally or spread in the atmosphere thanks to diffusers of essential oils, these products are most often used mixed with vegetable oil.

Some essential oils, such as rosemary or neroli, obtained from the distillation of orange blossoms, are excellent for colds or sinusitis. Other essential oils are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

This is the case with wintergreen, which soothes muscle pain, rheumatism or tendonitis. Among other benefits, the essential oil of ravintsara, similar to eucalyptus, helps fight fatigue. The pain-relieving properties of helichrysum essential oil are also renowned. As for the essential oil of fine lavender, it will help you fight against fatigue and find restful sleep.

For its part, phytotherapy, another alternative medicine, uses medicinal plants in various ways. You can take these herbal remedies as an infusion, decoction or inhalation. We can also find powders, resulting from the drying of the plant, or products from the maceration of young shoots, buds or roots.

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Medicinal plants prescribed by phytotherapists have a wide variety of therapeutic purposes. This is how feverfew, used since Antiquity, is known to reduce migraines. Peppermint is also effective against headaches.

For its part, fennel, well known to cooks in the South, is also renowned for its digestive properties. This plant fights indigestion and calms nausea and flatulence. Also native to the Mediterranean basin, milk thistle is also known to aid digestion.

Other medicinal plants still contribute to the treatment of certain dermatological disorders and can be effective in cases of venous insufficiency or urinary problems. In fact, herbal medicine, the goal of which is to rebalance the body through the action of plants, can help in the treatment of most diseases.

For better management of emotions

Phytotherapy Emotion ManagementBad childhood memories can resurface, the loss of a job or a difficult personal situation can disrupt your daily life and generate anxiety and stress.

In this case, aromatherapy can allow you to regain a better emotional balance and free yourself from all these negative emotions.

Thus the essential oil of noble chamomile can help you with nervous shocks. Likewise, the essential oil of petit grain bigarade Gives you a welcome soothing and recharges you with energy. The use of mandarin essential oil is also recommended to heal emotional wounds.

To feel all the effectiveness, just put two drops of these essential oils on the wrist or the solar plexus. Just breathing in the vial can already calm your nerves.

Overwork or the accumulation of worries can lead to a certain state of mental fatigue. In this case, you can resort to the essential oil of bergamot compact. Composed of very active ingredients, this oil should not be applied directly to the skin.

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Herbal medicine is also a great way to deal with our emotions. Certain plants thus make it possible to fight the emotionality. This is the case of the poppy or the rhodiola, also known under the name of pink stonecrop. You take them, depending on the case, as an infusion, as a capsule or as a decoction.

There are also flower essences, known as Bach flowers, which help fight negative emotions. These preparations are diluted in half a glass of water, at the rate of one or two drops, which can also be poured directly on the tongue.

Depending on the disorders felt, each will use the appropriate Bach flower. This is how the walnut blossom would be advised for people disturbed by a change, and the heather would be suitable for those who suffer from a feeling of loneliness.

Still other plants are known for their anxiolytic properties, such as valerian, hawthorn or even lemon balm. The plants, used in herbal medicine, will be considered as an adjuvant.

Their action will be all the more effective, in this fight against stress and negative emotions, as you add it to a balanced diet and to the practice of regular sport.

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