How to enjoy life, even without money?

Live fully and without regrets… Why enjoying life is very important and requires taking charge? To achieve this, we often mistakenly think that we must have a good income. But it is entirely possible to enjoy life without money. How to live well by following your aspirations? Having fun and taking care of yourself can be learned! Follow our advice to enjoy life’s little pleasures with those you love.

What does it mean to “enjoy life”?

This is an expression that we hear often. But what exactly does it cover?
Enjoying life is above all about making the most of it according to your situation. A disability, an illness, a lack of money? To live happily, you must accept that life is not perfect, and act accordingly. Find what gives meaning to your life. And as a function, invest yourself in activities that give you pleasure.

Dedicate time to what is important

In order not to miss out on your life, it is essential to figure out what really matters in your eyes. Being successful in life doesn’t mean making a lot of money. There are other priorities (family life, passion, personal project…).

Depending on what really matters to you, try to allocate your time effectively. Do you not see your children often enough because of your business trips or a heavy workload? Organize yourself differently and learn to manage your time! If necessary, even consider a new career direction. Anything is possible in life, if you really want it. Maybe by working less, your income will be lower, but isn’t it more important to spend time with loved ones?

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Asking the right questions allows you to have no regrets later!

Keep in touch with friends

For lack of time, we too often abandon old friendships. However, friendships are very important to enjoy life. How about reconnecting with old high school friends? Do some research on social networks or specialized sites to find old acquaintances. Send a short email or phone call to reconnect before considering an outing between members of the same class.

In general, creating social ties remains essential to be well in one’s life. It’s hard to be happy without others… Know how to surround yourself with sincere friends to share the good times and have support in the difficult times. On your side, show yourself present when the situation requires it. Being there for others and pleasing friends brings satisfaction.

Overcome your fears and dare!

There is a project that is close to your heart, but you prefer to leave it in the boxes for fear of undertaking (and therefore, of failure…). As long as you stay in your comfort zone, life will remain pretty bland. Don’t be afraid to break the routine by overcoming your fears. This feeling is completely normal when a new situation arises. But, by choosing inaction, you are certainly missing out on your life.

Make a list of things you would like to do. It can be both a parachute jump and a professional training. Whatever your deep desire, the important thing is to take action.

To accompany you in your approach, ask for the assistance of a friend. Set a specific date to accomplish your dream!

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Of course, this kind of « little follies » must remain punctual. Once in a while, treat yourself to something that’s truly close to your heart.

Carpe Diem, or live each day as if it were the last

Every day should bring you something. This is the basis of the famous motto “Carpe diem”. Live each day as if it were the last, not postponing your actions to the next day.

You are in conflict with a member of your family, but would like to reconnect? Don’t procrastinate by postponing. Take your courage in both hands and call this person immediately.

In the same way, it is important to remind your loved ones that you love them.

Carpe diem also means enjoying life’s little pleasures. Marvel at the beautiful things that existence offers you (a grandiose landscape, a magnificent sunset, etc.). Take advantage of simple family moments that bring you joy (a picnic by the water, a motorcycle trip, etc.). For these moments to be unforgettable, let go and think only of the present. Smile, joke, sing, dance… All these actions, free of charge, have many benefits on morale!

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