How to have self-confidence: the 3 key steps

Professional success, social integration, personal fulfillment and even happiness largely depend on a common factor: self-confidence. This faith in one’s abilities, this assurance that one has of one’s skills translates into a strength that helps us to achieve our goals more easily and to know ourselves better. But now, self-confidence is not innate. Although it is acquired mainly during childhood, it takes real personal work to have it and know how to use it. Here are three practical steps to cultivating and building self-confidence.

Realize your potential

The lack, even the absence of self-confidence, often pushes us to believe that we are worthless, that we cannot achieve anything. This results from too many successive failures. In some cases, the individual may have developed a habit of being put down. These negative thoughts that we have of ourselves hinder our self-confidence. Yet they tend to become anchored as we cultivate them over time. The first step in gaining self-confidence is therefore to eliminate all negative thoughts about yourself. This approach aims to help you become aware of your abilities and your potential. For this, instead of citing your faults, it is advisable to orient yourself towards your qualities. Highlight your talents rather than focusing on your shortcomings. Celebrate your successes instead of ruminating on your failures. In a fairly simple way, see the glass half full and not half empty and cultivate optimism. This is the very first step towards success. Indeed, you will become aware of your potential of the things that you can actually achieve.

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Dare to act and make it a habit

We often hesitate to take action for fear of risks and failures. This fear is even more important when one has suffered many failures in the past. Inaction, however, cultivates a lack of self-confidence. So take the courage to act and take action even if it may seem particularly difficult. For example, if you are very shy, the action will consist of daring to rub shoulders with others. Approach strangers, go on the lookout for exchanges and conversations. This will involve taking risks and failures. However, you should not be discouraged at the risk of taking a step back. Also, avoid overthinking the consequences of your actions before you even take action. It can sap your motivation. The work of self-confidence requires courage and risk-taking. Also know that habit will be one of your allies. Action will become part of your routine as you take regular action instead of spending time ruminating on events that have or have not happened.

Be patient : self-confidence takes time

Self-confidence does not appear overnight in an individual. It will take time and a lot of effort to become a confident person. So, be patient throughout the process. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. This may discourage you at the first failure. It is important to know that each individual evolves at his own pace. Some will gain self-confidence faster than others. Find your rhythm and evolve gradually. The most important thing is to continue to cultivate self-confidence even if you are facing obstacles and failures.

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