Anxiety attack: natural treatments

No one is immune to an anxiety attack. Linked to a state of anxiety or an illness, the panic attack can be disabling, especially when it manifests itself through numerous signs. Discover the symptoms and possible causes of the disorder, as well as our natural solutions to overcome it. There are alternatives to drugs such as anxiolytics, we tell you which ones. Focus on grandmother’s remedies and alternative medicine to treat anxiety attacks effectively.

What is an anxiety attack?

Anxiety attack is a panic attack that usually occurs in anxiety disorders. The anxiety attack appears suddenly and has a variable duration, from a few minutes to a few hours.

The person who suffers from an anxiety attack then feels an intense focused fear (eg the fear of dying, of going crazy, etc.). She also feels a sensation of immediate danger and disturbing psychic sensations such as palpitations, sweats, tremors or chest pains…

The physical symptoms are experienced in a more or less spectacular way by the person. Often, they feed and aggravate the fear felt. The person has the impression of completely losing control during the anxiety attack.

Those most affected by panic attacks are young women and people with a family history.


The symptoms of an anxiety attack are easily recognizable:

  • pain or discomfort in the chest or abdomen;
  • palpitations, tachycardia;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • dizziness;
  • feeling of choking or being strangled;
  • pallor;
  • tremors;
  • headache.

The causes

Psychological causes

An anxiety attack can be at the origin of several psychological causes:

  • first, it can be triggered by the conflict engendered by the existence of a desire and a prohibition for one and the same object;
  • then, it can be linked to a phobia (social phobia, for example);
  • the depressive process must also be evoked. In this case, the anxiety attack usually occurs in the morning. The subject who suffers from it then has the impression of not being up to the task requested;
  • it can also be depression of attrition or generalized anxiety. Anxiety attacks then appear at the end of the day.
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On the other hand, an anxiety attack can be linked to a pathology. It is therefore necessary to carry out a complete clinical and biological examination in order to eliminate any organic disease. Angina pectoris can be accompanied or started by an anxiety attack, for example.

And hepatitis, thyroid disorders, tetany, almost all early forms of cancer are also the cause of anxiety attacks, mainly when waking up. All of these diseases cause fatigue. Thus, anxiety attacks coupled with a manifestation of fatigue should push you to consult.

Other cases

Finally, phenomena related to the weakening of higher intellectual functions (motor skills and sensations) can cause anxiety attacks. This is also the case for the installation of a demented state, phenomena of confusion caused by toxic products…

Studies have also shown that the administration of certain substances such as sodium lactate or dioxide can act on the regulation of certain neurotransmitters. They would therefore trigger panic attacks.

In any case, it is important to consult if the anxiety attacks are repeated.

Natural treatments for anxiety attacks

Identify the cause

Understanding what’s going on is key to treating anxiety attacks. It is therefore necessary to identify the origin of the panic attack.

This requires personal care. Thus, she and her entourage will be reassured. Patient care combines psychotherapy measures.

Behavioral and cognitive therapies

The goal of therapies is to bring the person to become aware of his disorders and what causes them. Gradually, the patient will face the situations he fears. The therapist then helps him to dismantle all the disaster scenarios that his imagination imposes on him. To achieve this, he uses staging as well as practical simulation exercises, always of gradual intensity.

Behavioral and cognitive therapies can last from several months to several years, depending on the severity of the disorders. When they are well conducted, they make it possible to eliminate up to 90% of panic attacks.

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Simple hygiene rules to follow

Simple rules can reduce anxiety:

  • practice a regular sporting activity (walking, cycling, swimming, etc.);
  • eat in a balanced way;
  • get enough sleep;
  • reduce caffeine consumption;
  • do not consume alcohol excessively;
  • stop smoking.


Sophrology represents an alternative to drugs in order to fight against anxiety attacks. This gentle approach teaches tools that can be used in everyday life. This approach can be supplemented with psychological help to obtain an optimal result.

The sophrologist offers awareness and dynamic relaxation exercises to identify the manifestations of anxiety (knot in the throat, lump in the stomach, etc.). It also guides to exercises intended to calm the mind, to put situations into perspective and to prepare positively for events that generate anxiety.

There is also the autogenic training of Schultz which gives good results. In addition, it is one of the founding methods of sophrology. This exercise allows you to relax in any circumstance. This involves teaching good breathing and body relaxation.


To reduce stress, the practice of yoga is particularly indicated because it allows you to modify your breathing rate and refocus your concentration.

When you are confronted with an anxiety attack, it is advisable to favor breathing exercises by alternating low, medium and high breathing.


Hypnosis can be an effective solution to combat a state of anxiety. Indeed, this allows access to non-conscious mechanisms and to point out the causes that generate anxiety while modifying their perception.

On the other hand, learning self-hypnosis can dispel the physical symptoms of panic attack.


This technique has been used for a very long time in traditional Chinese medicine to help reduce stress and states of anxiety.

The practitioner will find the effective point for the patient. The duration of treatment is variable, but the first results can occur from the second session. When the situation requires it, acupuncture can be complemented by homeopathy or behavioral and cognitive therapy.


If you suffer from anxiety attacks, you can use plants as background treatments. Among the most effective natural remedies is valerian which treats sleep disorders related to anxiety.

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In case of palpitations and sleep disturbances, use passionflower. Finally, other plants such as poppy or German chamomile have sedative properties.

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