How to reduce itching from mosquito bites?

During the summer period, mosquitoes can, for some of us, be a real scourge. Between allergic reactions and itchy pimples, mosquitoes are somewhat invasive insects that we would do well without.

Although it is possible to limit the risk of bites, it happens that, despite all the precautions taken, we get bitten.

How to reduce itching from mosquito bites?

natural remedies

Used since the dawn of time, and qualified as « remedies of grandmothers », there are a multitude of substances which reduce the intensity of the itching and can, sometimes, make them disappear.

In the same way that there are natural repellents against mosquitoes, it is possible to calm the itching caused by mosquito bites in an ecological way. Here is a non-exhaustive list of these natural remedies.

The vinegar

Miracle solution, vinegar can soothe the itching of mosquito bites. Indeed, thanks to its high content of acetic acid, vinegar has antiseptic properties that instantly calm the itching associated with a mosquito bite. In addition to being natural, this remedy is accessible to everyone. Indeed, almost all households have wine or cider vinegar in their kitchen.

Thus, by soaking a cotton ball in vinegar and then placing it on the bite, you will quickly be relieved.

Lavender essential oil

Widely used in alternative medicine, essential oils have infinite virtues. In order to relieve the itching linked to insect bites, and in particular mosquito bites, lavender essential oil proves to be the most effective.

However, to avoid the risk of allergic reactions or even burns, it is strongly recommended to use it with caution. Thus, the quantity of essential oil is limited to two drops to be deposited on the mosquito pimple. In addition, this natural treatment is reserved exclusively for adults. Indeed, although its anti-inflammatory effect is proven, lavender essential oil can be dangerous in the little ones.

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Baking soda

A substance with multiple properties, baking soda is a great ally against itching from mosquito bites. Indeed, this very fine powder is capable of significantly reducing the inflammation caused by the bite, hence the interest of having it on hand when the weather is fine.


Weed par excellence, the plantain is nevertheless a plant capable of quickly calming the itching caused by a mosquito bite. Thus, directly in your garden, you can tear off a few plantain leaves which you will then rub on the button(s). A natural antihistamine, plantain also treats the bites of other flying insects such as wasps or hornets.

If the itching is not soothed after the first pass, do not hesitate to repeat the operation until the symptoms related to the mosquito bite disappear.

Other Remedies

Among the natural remedies capable of relieving itching from mosquito bites, there are also mint leaves, garlic, tea or simply an ice cube.

With all these proposed solutions allowing you to calm the itching of mosquito bites, you are ready to calmly face the beautiful summer evenings.

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