How to prepare for the baby’s arrival

The arrival of a first child in a family is a big event. This is why everything must be prepared to welcome the child in the right conditions. You have to choose the layette, prepare the baby’s room, the toiletry bag and the necessary childcare equipment.

The baby’s clothes must be cotton

The choice of layette is the first thing to do in preparing for the arrival of a baby. Indeed, from birth, the baby needs clothing to cover himself. The family is the crucible where you can find clothes for your newborn baby. Then you can make purchases in specialty stores.

Comfort is very important for the new child. For this purpose, soft cotton is more recommended. In addition, its maintenance is simple. Synthetics should be avoided at the risk of suffocating your little child.

Newborn baby-sized outfits should be mom’s choice. Prefer 1 month old onesies or pajamas. Indeed, the child takes volume quickly from birth. However, parents should not buy too many clothes on arrival. The best way is to take it as your baby grows.

In these blanket needs, the expectant mother must think about the purchase of socks, beanie, cardigans, vests and sleeping bag. In addition, the bathrobe is useful for getting out of the bath. The child needs bibs and also bodysuits that can be closed on the side. The last recommendation on this list is knits and sweaters for the newborn baby.

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Prepare a safe room for the baby

In your house, you must reserve a room for the baby. This space must be calm, cozy and well secured to ensure good sleep. The preparation of this room must begin earlier before his arrival, one to two months before. Indeed, if the repair of the part is necessary, it is necessary to pass paint there and wait for this one to dry.

On the floor, you can put materials that are easy to wash. They must be non-fragile and non-polluting. The same goes for the ceiling so as not to degrade the air in the environment. The baby’s space should be natural and less bulky. This provision is far-sighted for the child who will later learn to crawl.

At this point he will put almost everything to his mouth and touch everything. Better to have a non-toxic place. If the outlets are low, you must install outlet covers to protect it from possible risks of electric shock.

In addition, allergies are common in newborns. For this, you should not lay carpets and rugs. Please also put toys in his room following international standards so as not to choose materials that may suffocate the child.

Provide a first aid kit and toiletries

After the layette and the baby’s room, it is also necessary to provide first aid kits and toiletries for the maintenance of the child.

The child’s first aid kit

With the advice of your doctor, you can carefully prepare a first aid kit for your baby. This must contain, among other things, physiological saline doses useful in many cases as Minimall tells us. It is also necessary to provide a nasal aspirator to put these doses. For the care of its cord, this care bag must contain a antiseptic, that is to say a drying agent and compresses. Then, provide rehydration fluids for possible cases of diarrhea.

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It is not uncommon for diaper rashes to appear in newborns. For this purpose, the mother must ensure that she has zinc oxide-based water-based paste.

The change in temperature is very common in a baby. This should be done to prevent fever which can seriously damage health. To remedy this, the thermometer and paracetamol must be handy. Finally, parents must have gel to counter the effects of teething.

Baby’s toilet

The toiletry bag should contain wipes, soap and a medium bottle of water. The mist is also important for cleaning the face. In addition, a soap-free gel pump is essential. Finally, the mother should provide a nylon comb to brush her hair.

Have childcare equipment

The bed is more practical for a baby. They can use it up to the age of three. On the other hand, the pram is cozy and very comfortable for a newborn baby.

A small chest of drawers is necessary to be able to store your things. In addition, when traveling, prefer a front baby carrier. If you are in a car, a soft shell seat is suitable.

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