Parents: some tips for taking care of your children’s health

Taking care of your children’s health means paying attention to their physical appearance, but also to their mind and morale. At each age, at each stage of his life, the child will be confronted with viral, bacterial, but also human attacks. The future of the child is built from birth, if there is no standard user manual, you can still follow some good advice from

The newborn

It’s the 7th wonder of the world, and new parents have it often afraid of doing it wrong with him. If we have a first advice to give, it is to trust your instincts as a parent. If we observe mothers, in nature, they all know, or almost, how to take care of their baby. Us humans, too, but for that, you have to listen to yourself, gain self-confidence.

Of course, the best thing would be to breastfeed, but you can’t always do that, or you don’t want to breastfeed. It can be a choice. Breastfeeding remains, however, the first food of life. The child is naturally immunized against many childhood diseases for a few months thanks to colostrum, the first substance delivered by the breast at the birth of the baby, a kind of serum.

Of course, the best would be to use washable nappies and wipes with liniment, homemade or organic, but we do like the others, and then, we don’t have the time, not the courage.

Is it better to install baby in his room to prevent him from having tantrums later when integrating him? Or on the contrary keep it with you in the parental room, or even do co-sleeping? Should he be lying on his stomach, on his side, on his back?

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One should only listen, once again, to one’s own instinct. The advice, on this point, we take it or we leave it, we only keep what is really necessary for us. Everyone does as they feel.

Bathing and dressing are as personal as babywearing.

On the food side, at one time, from the age of two months, babies began to eat fruits and vegetables with a spoon, in 2018, it is necessary wait until the 6th month. Like what, the eras follow each other and are not alike.

So, first piece of advice, for the newborn, listen only to yourselves.

The toddler

We speak of young children when they have not not yet reached school age compulsory, that is, 6 years.

If the child goes to nursery or kindergarten, he will be confronted with viruses and bacterial diseases. If he is vaccinated, he should pass through certain childhood diseases such as measles, chickenpox, but he may still contract roseola, or develop bronchiolitis.

Vitamin C intake is Very important to allow the body to fight against these diseases. We strengthen our immunity.

You can ask your doctor or pharmacist to refer you to certain homeopathic preventive treatments. The child will thus avoid some colds or childhood illnesses.

If the child has a fever or if he has a cold, not well, with a runny nose, consider giving him paracetamol, vitamin C and magnesium right away. This will bring down the fever, give some strength and prevent dizziness. If the fever does not come down, paracetamol and ibuprofen should be alternated, provided that the child is not allergic to ibuprofen. Under no circumstances should you give aspirin to a child if you don’t know the source of his pain or if you don’t know if he is allergic to it. Baths can also help him to bring down the fever but also to relax.

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Do not cover a child who has a fever too much so that he sweats, he should not be too hot, but if he is cold, put a sheet or a fleece blanket over him, if he is lying on the living room. It is also preferable that he does not stay in bed, morally, it keeps him weak, he might take longer to heal.

If the child suddenly changes character. You don’t recognize him anymore. He says swear words, he is violent. Don’t scold him too loudly, talk to him, listen to him, something has happened, you have to know what. If you do not get an answer, take him to a child psychiatrist that your doctor will advise you. Don’t leave him like that, he might be in distress.

The arrival of a baby in the family, or even at the nanny’s can very well trigger this kind of crisis. It’s not jealousy but the fear of not finding your place in this new « home ».

Entry into primary

The child arrives in the big leagues, and from September, it is his hair that risks being contaminated. It is generally at this time that the child welcomes his first lice and makes his whole family enjoy it.

A preventive and curative remedy against lice: mix 5 drops of lavender essential oils in 10 ml of vegetable oil (olive, walnut, argan, etc.) Just put a few drops on the hair behind the ears, so that the lice go their way. If the head is already infested, moisten the hair with the mixture, and use cling film, or a plastic bag to cover all the hair, for a good hour. Then wash the hair, finish with a detangling conditioner. Finally, line by line, eliminate the lice, the nits (slightly elongated white eggs if they are alive or black if they are dead, clinging to the hair). Use a bowl with a little oil, tweezers to remove the lice, put them in the oil as you go, they swim too well in the water. Strand by strand take off the nits, one by one by sliding them along the hair.

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In primary and secondary school pay attention to your child’s feelings against schooling. If he is often sick on the first day of the week, or that of the swimming pool, he risks being confronted with harassment. It is an insidious evil, it often goes unnoticed, the child tries to hide his discomfort so that the parents do not intervene, this could aggravate the problem. Harassment can come from a teacher or from certain classmates. Do not hesitate to withdraw the child from school or college until the problem is resolved. If no solution is offered, he will be changed establishment or opted for instruction within the family with or without a correspondence course (CPC).

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