Quit smoking with e-cigarettes

You find yourself faced with a great difficulty to quit smoking, have you already tested all the possible methods? And if you tried the e-cigarette to accompany you towards a gradual cessation of tobacco consumption? It’s possible ! Discover the e-cigarette and e-liquids at your disposal.

An effective way to stop smoking cigarettes

quit smoking

The motivation alone to stop smoking is often not strong enough in the face of the physical craving that the smoker’s body experiences when deprived of tobacco. The withdrawal symptoms are sometimes violent and prevent you from going through with smoking cessation. Nicotine acts like a drug on your body and induces a very powerful form of addiction. The body then expresses a need to smoke again.

It is possible to compensate for this lack by using the e-cigarette associated with the appropriate e-liquid. You will find a wide choice of cheap e liquids for the electronic cigarette. In order to gently reduce the dose of nicotine, tobacco specialists will offer you nicotine substitutes: these are gums, patches or tablets, but also e-liquids suitable for electronic cigarettes.

Indeed, some e-liquids contain a dose of nicotine which you can choose according to your needs. At the beginning of weaning, it is therefore advisable to choose an e-liquid containing your usual rate of nicotine then to decrease gradually to reach the rate 0. The body and the brain will thus have the possibility of to wean gently and to relearn how to live without consuming nicotine. You have to agree to take a little more nicotine during this period in order to manage to do without this substance for good, without necessarily depriving yourself of the pleasure of smoking.

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Why are e-cigarettes less harmful than cigarettes?

If it’s just a question of reducing the dose of nicotine, you wonder if you could not just reduce the number of cigarettes? In fact, the e-cigarette is less dangerous for your health than cigarettes. Indeed, when it combusts, a cigarette emits smoke containing no less than 4000 chemical substances. Some of these substances are clearly declared as carcinogens.

The risk is really lower with the electronic cigarette even with a nicotine liquid: you have to tell yourself that this consumption of harmful substances is limited to the period necessary to wean yourself off.

What is e-liquid?

what is e-liquid

To operate your electronic cigarette, you will need a cartridge of e-liquid. Always choose a quality e-liquid. The cartridge must also have a safety cap which prevents children from having fun with it. On its container, you should clearly find the composition there, often consisting of the same products, but not in equal quantities.

Propylene glycol

Also called PG, it is a product that is often used in the design of agro-pharmaceutical products. It is the most important component of some e-liquids, used to give the impression that you are smoking a cigarette when you inhale. But you can also find e-liquids that do not contain it.

vegetable glycerin

This thick liquid provides density to the smoke. Check all the same that the e-liquid does not contain any no more than 30%because this very consistent liquid will tend to foul the electronic cigarette.


It’s up to you to determine the level of nicotine you want your e-liquid to contain. Weaning should not be too abrupt, because your body may react strongly. Go gradually by gradually reducing the level of nicotine contained in the e-liquid. In a 10 ml bottle, you will therefore find levels of 20 mg/ml down to 0. It is therefore possible to use an e-cigarette with a liquid containing absolutely no nicotine.

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alcohol and water

They are essential for the liquid to remain more fluid. However, they are not very present in the composition of the e-liquid.

The aromas

It’s time to treat yourself! The e-liquid can be flavored to a more pleasant feeling than cigarettes. You will find many classic, gourmet, minty or even fruity aromas. So you can choose an e-liquid that will remind you of chewing gum, cola or even delicious fruit. Each vaper will find their favorite aroma. It’s also a good way to stop bothering your loved ones with a foul cigarette smell. There is a real community around the vape, so to better understand the transition to the e-cigarette, go to the information site on the world of the vape!

Seek help from a tobacco professional

If you are afraid of not succeeding in reducing the nicotine level in your e-liquid, it is advisable to seek the support of a tobacco specialist or a smoking cessation service. It is very complex to quit smoking because you are going against yourself. Your body sends you craving signals, it wants you to give it a hit of nicotine. By finding help and advice from a tobacco specialist, you will be able to prepare for the weaning period and you will not be alone during this ordeal. Physical withdrawal is alleviated by the use of e-cigarettes. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that certain situations and behaviors must be modified so as not to fall back into the consumption of cigarettes.

What if you can’t stop smoking?

Maybe you manage to reduce the number of cigarettes, but you cannot completely quit? It is then necessary to check that:

  • the e-cigarette is of fairly good quality to bring you the right level of nicotine correctly. Normally, if you choose a high-performance and quality electronic cigarette, you will have the nicotine level necessary to do without cigarettes.
  • the dose of nicotine is really adapted depending on your needs. There is no point in trying to reduce nicotine levels too quickly, especially if you were a heavy smoker. Your body will express an almost irrepressible need to smoke. So be tolerant and use the right dosage of nicotine to give him time to get used to not needing it anymore. Little by little, you will realize that you feel this lack less and less.
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