Raynaud’s disease: natural treatments

As soon as the temperature drops, your extremities become cold and numb? Maybe it’s Raynaud’s disease. In its common form, it is a blood circulation disorder without any seriousness. However, the effects of the phenomenon can represent daily discomfort and are sometimes accompanied by pain. Fortunately, there are natural solutions to warm up the extremities (nose, ears, fingers, etc.) and improve blood circulation. Discover grandmother’s remedies, natural products to consume as well as the right actions to apply on a daily basis.

What is Raynaud’s disease?

Raynaud’s disease is characterized by a stoppage of blood circulation in the small distal arteries. Thus, some of the ends change color. Generally, the fingers and toes are the most affected, but the nose, ears or mouth can also be affected.

Most often, it is women who are affected by Raynaud’s disease, and in particular young women from the age of 20. However, the pathology may disappear after a few years. It is therefore a mild form that does not result from any other underlying disease. Raynaud’s disease is manifested only by this feeling of coldness in the extremities.

However, there is a more serious form of Raynaud’s disease. This is called Raynaud’s phenomenon or syndrome. In this case, an underlying disease is the cause.


Symptoms of Raynaud’s phenomenon break down into three consecutive phases, although not all of them are mandatory:

  • the ischemic phase of vasoconstriction: the fingers become white and cold, as if « dead ». Then, the fingers become normal again;
  • the asphyxiation phase: the fingers then become blue and very painful;
  • the recovery phase: when the blood gradually returns to the fingers, they take on a red color and a swollen appearance.
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The causes

The first cause that explains the appearance of Raynaud’s disease in its usual form is exposure to cold. But there are also other possible origins of the pathology: humidity, strong emotions such as stress or anxiety.

Regarding the most serious form of Raynaud’s disease, several causes are possible:

  • drugs (beta-blockers, antidepressants, cancer drugs, etc.);
  • autoimmune diseases such as lupus or polyarthritis;
  • arterial diseases such as diabetes or hypercholesterolemia;
  • thoraco-brachial outlet syndrome;
  • taking drugs (cannabis, cocaine) and tobacco;
  • the occupational cause (exposure to strong vibrations, for example).

Natural treatments for Raynaud’s disease

The right things to do

There is no actual treatment to cure Raynaud’s disease. On the other hand, there are good gestures to adopt:

  • avoid exposure to cold and sudden changes in temperature;
  • warm up your extremities by covering yourself well (scarf, hat, etc.);
  • moisturize your hands and feet properly using an appropriate cream;
  • avoid stimulants (tea, coffee, tobacco, etc.);
  • take vitamin D in winter;
  • do not take medications that promote the phenomenon.

Plants that promote blood circulation

Among the natural remedies to turn to in case of Raynaud’s disease, there are plants.

Ginkgo biloba stimulates the circulatory system. However, it is necessary to be patient to obtain the first conclusive results. You can consume it as an infusion like tea.

Then, count on ginger in different forms: dried, ground, in tea, candied… This natural product is particularly recommended in case of blood circulation problems.

You also have Ceylon cinnamon which promotes blood circulation while reducing pain. Consume it as a spice or herbal tea.

As for fenugreek, it helps to dilate blood vessels and improves circulation. Fenugreek is eaten in seeds or powder.

With regard to horse chestnut, it plays a role of vasoconstrictor. Prepare an infusion with honey to improve the taste. Simply put 40 grams of crushed horse chestnut in a liter of water. As a two-week cure, drink two to three cups a day.

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Finally, red vine leaves activate blood circulation and are beneficial in case of venous disorders. In a cup of hot water, infuse a teaspoon of dry red vine leaves. After ten minutes, strain and drink up to three cups daily.

Be careful, before resorting to these natural remedies, take your precautions. Some plants are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with hemophilia or suffering from epilepsy. Ask your doctor or pharmacist. And always choose good quality herbal extracts.

Substances to consume (vitamins, minerals)

Several vitamins and minerals are recommended in case of Raynaud’s disease:

  • vitamin E to protect and strengthen the walls of blood vessels (avocado, walnuts, seafood, hazelnuts, almonds, eggs, chilli, ginger, etc.);
  • vitamin B-3 plays a key role in increasing blood flow (seafood, salmon, tuna, mushrooms, brewer’s yeast, etc.);
  • potassium reduces the effects of the disease (kiwi, banana, apricot, spinach, avocado, tomato, turnip, cucumber, dried fruits, starches, etc.);
  • vitamin C protects blood vessels (turnip, kiwi, strawberry, orange, cabbage, broccoli, etc.);
  • omega-3s help thin the blood (sardines, mackerel, tuna, salmon, flax seeds, nuts, etc.).


Some essential oils are indicated to fight against the effects of Raynaud’s disease. Among them, the EO of green cypress, the EO of Italian helichrysum, the EO of Ceylon cinnamon and the EO of mandarin.

You can use these natural remedies in massage or friction. Please note that some essential oils are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under 6 and people with allergies to any of the ingredients used. It is better to seek the advice of your pharmacist or an aromatherapist before use.

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