Natural moth repellents: organic treatments

Who has never had moths in their closet? These little beasts like to make holes in clothes… So how do you eradicate them? There are moth repellent products on sale in supermarkets. However, these are chemical solutions, often based on mothballs. Dangerous and toxic, these moth traps can be easily replaced by natural products. Discover all the organic treatments that exist to overcome moths. And also learn the right gestures to avoid holes in the laundry.

What is a moth?

Moths actually refer to butterflies and their larvae. These insects do not directly damage the laundry. It is their eggs (the larvae) which nibble the textile fibers by making a cocoon of them.

Moths settle in all kinds of textiles (clothing, mattresses, cushions, pillows, carpets, etc.). And once adults, they become white butterflies, which no longer represent a danger for the laundry.

Natural solutions

cedar wood

Cedar wood is a real organic moth repellent because the smell of cedar repels creatures. And to see the first effects, just place a small piece of wood in the wardrobe, under the clothes.

You will find cedar blocks in some reasonably priced stores.

Dried lemons or lavender

To get rid of textile moths, you can also use dried lemon peels or lavender which are good natural repellents. Place them in a small bag that allows air to pass through, then hang them in your closet.

And in addition, it will perfume your laundry. A way to combine business with pleasure. If it seems simpler to you, it is quite possible to soak a handkerchief in lavender essential oil. Then, place it on the edge of the cupboard.

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Thyme, bay leaf, mint, rosemary

Thyme is an effective organic moth repellent. To keep textile moths away, just place a cup of thyme in your closet. Otherwise, you can also use thyme essential oil.

In the same way, bay leaf, mint or rosemary act as repellents to ward off creatures. Drop a few leaves in your dressing room or use HE.


Cloves have multiple health benefits. They can also be used to control moths. Place cloves in an orange. Then put the set in your closet.


Moths do not appreciate chestnuts, on the contrary! To keep them away from your clothes, place a few chestnuts in your closet.

sweet woodruff

Perfume your laundry while protecting it from moths with dried bouquets of fragrant woodruff. It is a white flower found in the undergrowth. Its smell of cut hay repels moths.

The good gestures

On the other hand, to avoid having moths in your wardrobe, you should adopt the right gestures. Clean your cupboards regularly, and ventilate them. In your wardrobe, be sure to store only clean, ironed linen. If possible, protect your beautiful clothes in a cover.

Note that washing eliminates traces of perspiration. As for hot ironing, it eliminates moth larvae.

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