Some tips for eating well this summer

Like all seasons, summer has its specificities. We think of vacations, childhood love, the sea… Summer is also about light, outdoor activities: games, barbecues, etc. It is therefore natural that this season is considered the favorite of the French. But to fully benefit from it, you have to be in good health, all season long. Here are some valuable nutrition tips to consider to make the most of this 2021 summer season.

Adopt the colors of summer with seasonal fruits

The markets are one of the attractions of the summer. Light, colors and fragrances: seasonal products ensure the show. If visiting the markets is always an opportunity to walk (a bit of exercise) and to get away from it all, you should above all take advantage of it to savor their fruits and vegetables. Behind these beautiful colors hides a very important type of nutrient: antioxidants. These have many benefits, including:

  • Protection against free radicals
  • Reduction of bad cholesterol
  • Eye and sight protection

They therefore reduce the effects of modern life (pollution, work stress, exposure to blue light) and reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and premature aging. To fill up on antioxidants, the small red fruits of summer are your friends: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and grapes, among others.

In general, you have to take advantage of the summer by consuming its seasonal products. These are accessible and will do you a lot of good. Peaches, melons, cherries, tomatoes… there are many at your disposal.

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Tomatoes, for example, contain carotenoids. Studies suggest that these help combat the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin. For the same exposure, the chances of having a sunburn are reduced. You can consume these products simply as fruits or concoct excellent drinks with them if you have a good juice extractor.

Eat light and healthy

Eating well in summer also means eating healthy and light. In the same way that a coolant would act in an air conditioner, the peripheral blood flow helps keep your temperature normal in the face of sometimes scorching heat. If you have too large meals, you lengthen the digestion time which will concentrate this flow and create an imbalance.

There are many exquisite and light recipes that you can cook this summer for a healthy and balanced diet. For example, change entrecôtes for poultry, or thick soups for gazpachos.

During the summer, there is more opportunity to eat: in the squares, in the markets, at the beach, at barbecues with friends. But many let themselves go and do not monitor the quality of what they consume. For example, in summer, heat has an impact on food and accelerates its degradation. Thus, it is recommended to consume the food immediately after cooking, or to refrigerate it once it has cooled. This helps prevent food poisoning.

Drink enough water

“Water is life” is one of the most popular health-related aphorisms. But if there is a moment when it imposes itself with all its weight, it is in summer. With high temperatures, water requirements increase. Sweating becomes more profuse, even without physical activity.

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The sweat emitted by the body to reduce its temperature is made up of more than 90% water, and it is the same water that is essential to maintain the hydration of our organism. It is therefore necessary to drink more water than usual, on a regular basis, whether it is mineral water or even treated tap water. This recommendation is important especially for those who are not used to drinking water between meals.

The risk of dehydration is significant for the youngest and the elderly. For children, for example, they should be given the equivalent of a glass of water every 30 minutes during outdoor activities.

It can naturally happen that you want to drink something other than water. Several options are available to you: iced tea, various infusions (mint, rosemary, etc.), herbal teas, or even citrus flavored waters. Always prefer homemade if possible.

In short, your diet in summer should allow you to benefit from all the benefits of seasonal products while taking into account the effects of heat. You will also benefit from avoiding certain foods, or at least controlling your consumption. Ice creams, granitas and other sweet desserts are pleasant, but do not allow you to hydrate up to the level of your needs; they should therefore be avoided or consumed in moderation. The same goes for the barbecue, this method of cooking red meat increases the risk of cancer beyond a certain threshold. Finally, alcoholic beverages are absolutely to be avoided when you are exposed to high temperatures.

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