Virtualization of genetic data. How MyHeritage DNA works

With the growth of the population, it becomes complicated to closely follow its family ties. In addition, people travel a lot so that we end up scattered in the four corners of the world. Fortunately today, there is a way to trace his genealogy. This is the MyHeritage DNA feature, it is a system that allows you to reveal your ethnic origins and find relatives. Other sites also exist and you can find them on

The MyHeritage DNA match helps in finding close or distant families. The technology makes it possible to indicate possible family ties by carrying out a comparison of data. When performing a DNA test with MyHeritage DNA you may receive DNA Matches from other people tested. It is also possible to upload DNA results to Myheritage. It should be noted that a DNA test can also be used for health purposes, to detect certain diseases.

About MyHeritage

It is an online genealogical platform with a website, a mobile application and software. Users can create family trees, upload and view photos, and search billions of international records. It is the genealogy site that has the most languages ​​(about 42 languages).

In 2018, MyHeritage has 96 million users and contains 41 million family trees. The company’s headquarters are in Or Yehuda, Israel with additional offices in Tel Aviv, Lehi, Utah and Burbank, California. MyHeritage products and services are available in web, mobile and downloadable software versions. The site offers free services starting with registration, building a family tree and receiving matches. But to consult the full version of historical data, journals or family trees, the visitor will have to subscribe to a paid subscription in order to be able to communicate with other users.

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MyHeritage’s online database includes:

• Censuses
• Birth certificates
• Marriage certificates
• Death certificates
• Military and immigration documents

• Historical newspapers

Among the functionalities, we distinguish SuperSearch which allows users to browse the catalog of historical data in order to find information on a relative. It is also possible to upload photos to the family tree.

Next to it is the MyHeritage mobile application which offers a host of features such as the ability to view and change family trees, search historical databases and also allows taking and sharing Pictures.

How does the tool work?

The complete MyHeritage DNA kit allows you to do a DNA test and collect useful information on ethnicity and family history. The kit contains a cheek swab that requires no blood or sputum. The test will only take a few minutes, and the sample will then be sent to the MyHeritage DNA lab for analysis and after 3-4 weeks, the user will be able to view the results on the internet.

DNA analysis

When the DNA sample is sent to the MyHeritage DNA lab, professional researchers will process the DNA using state-of-the-art technology. The sample will then be meticulously studied and analyzed to be finally translated into digital data. Once the study has been carried out, the algorithms will make a calculation of the ethnic estimate, by evaluating the geographical origin of the DNA segment. With this process, it is also possible to find relatives by comparing the DNA with others.

A secure test

MyHeritage attaches great importance to the security of its data. In order to ensure the protection of DNA data as well as the personal data of users, the company has implemented several layers of encryption. Only the person who owns the data can access the raw DNA data and will have the DNA matching privacy settings available.

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Launch of MyHeritage in the European market

MyHeritage is renowned for being the premier DNA service par excellence, allowing users to find family members through shared DNA.

In Europe the kit is on a considerable scale. For a time, DNA kits ordered by European customers were designed by the MyHeritage DNA processing center in the United States. As a new distribution center is currently open in Europe, kits are now sent directly from Europe.

Thus the delivery times are considerably reduced and the products are delivered in less than a week. Fast delivery is even possible with next day delivery for orders sent before 1pm. In addition, shipping costs to Europe have fallen significantly, which will be an essential point for the consumer.

With the exception of Poland, the new distribution center for MyHeritage DNA kits covers most of the countries of Europe. And for countries that are not members of the European Union like Norway and Switzerland, these are serviced by MyHeritage in the United States. Soon, DNA samples from European customers will be collected by the new distribution center and sent to the MyHeritage laboratory in the United States.

The opening of the new European distribution center made it possible to meet the constantly changing international demand. And facilitated user access to DNA kits.

Many people have now been reunited with their loved ones through myheritage DNA. Families that have been separated for a long time or lost touch years ago have come together through the use of the DNA analysis system.

The company is constantly evolving with technology, but also expanding geographically in order to be closer to customers who want to know their ancestry.

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