Which DNA test to choose to establish its origins?

Genealogy research can be long and complicated for find his ancestors. Thus many laboratories offer to perform DNA tests online, whether to establish a relationship or make a family tree. But which DNA test is the most reliable, what is the price of a DNA test or do we have the right to have a paternity test in France?

How to choose the best dna test?

The laboratories offer all types of DNA tests:

paternity test (filiation between two individuals)

– test to find one’s ethnic origins

– DNA health test

– test to find ancestors and establish a family tree

– DNA test for dogs to recognize the breed

DNA test comparison sites such as ww.testadn.fr will help you answer the question: which DNA test to choose? And that it is relevant to your research, at the best price, with the most reliable results and the shortest lead times. They allow you to quickly compare laboratories like MyHeritage or EasyDNA and many others in a few clicks.

How to proceed to do a DNA test?

After choosing your online laboratory, the latter sends a dna kit at your home. You just need to follow the DNA sample collection information (very often through saliva). Return your sample, it will be analyzed and compared with the genetic profiles in the laboratory database. You will receive your results shortly after via your account created online.

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How much does a DNA test cost?

It takes about 100 for a test, it all depends on the amount of data requested as well as the sites that offer it.

Can we require a paternity test in France?

Only the judge can request a DNA test to prove a parentage link between a child and his presumed father. If you still want to get a DNA test, on a personal basis, you can order your DNA test to be performed at home. At that time, it will have no legal value.

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