Choosing a naturalization lawyer: guide and advice

Do you want to start the procedures for obtaining French nationality? Here is what you need to know to choose a naturalization lawyer to guide you and assist you effectively.

Why Hire a Naturalization Lawyer?

Also called immigration lawyer, a naturalization lawyer specializes in legal rules relating to the attribution of French nationality. By virtue of his training, he has a perfect knowledge of the principles of individual naturalization. He can thus advise you according to your professional or family situation until the outcome of the procedure.

His support and accompaniment are very useful in the administrative procedures to be carried out. In particular, he can guide you through the different steps to follow and the mistakes to avoid so that your naturalization application is accepted.

In addition, the immigration lawyer also ensures the defense of his client in the event of a challenge to an administrative decision and the introduction of an appeal. He represents him and defends his interests before the administrative courts, the Administrative Courts of Appeal, the Council of State or the National Court of the Right of Asylum.

How to choose the right naturalization lawyer?

Choosing the right lawyer is crucial for the success of your naturalization project. For this, here 6 criteria that we recommend you take into account in order to filter your searches:

The nature of your file

The choice of your immigration lawyer depends above all on the nature of your case.

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Start by determining if you need legal advice or of one accompaniment before the courts to defend your claims.

Indeed, some immigration law professionals specialize in legal advice, while others concentrate their activity around the settlement of disputes.

Your location

We don’t often think about it, but when choosing a lawyer, it is important to check their geographical location. It is indeed more convenient to choose a legal professional near you so as not to have to bear travel or postulation costs.

And if you can’t find a specialized lawyer in your area, prefer as much as possible, e-mails and telephone exchanges to save money.

The reputation of the naturalization lawyer

Before entrusting your case to a lawyer, it is important to ensure that the latter has a good reputation. Its visibility on the Internet is one of the most important indicators in this sense.

Also look for the opinions of previous clients and do your little research on their previous business, as well as their working methods.

If the lawyer you are interested in has a good reputation, then you can make an appointment with him to discuss your case.

Naturalization Lawyer Passport

contact and communication

The first contact with a lawyer, whether on the phone or face-to-face, is an important indicator of the quality of his work. A good naturalization lawyer should, for example, take the time to explain the issues in your case.

To do this, he must be able to present the strong points of your file and explain to you, step by step, the approach he intends to adopt. To better understand your needs, he must also ask you additional questions.

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At the same time, a good lawyer must also listen to you. He must show some attention to what you say and enlighten you on any gray areas.

Finally, trust your instincts! If you do not feel confident from the first contact with a lawyer, do not entrust your naturalization file to him.

The availability

Naturalization procedures are long and include several steps. Each of them requires great attention.

Furthermore, if you plan to lodge an appeal, for example, this must be done within the legal deadlines.

It is therefore important to choose a professional who has free time. An overbooked lawyer will not help you !

The fees of the lawyer in immigration law

Like other professionals in the corporation, naturalization lawyers practice three fee formulas:

  • Block fees. The lawyer defines a global remuneration for all the interventions necessary for your file;
  • Time-based fees. With this formula, you pay the lawyer according to the time spent on your file;
  • The subscription : this formula consists of paying the lawyer annually to benefit from his advice over a fixed period.

Whatever formula is chosen, one is naturally tempted to engage the naturalization lawyer who offers the lowest price. But that can be a trap. Indeed, some legal professionals lower their rates to attract more clients. Consequently, overwhelmed by the files, they are unable to give everyone the necessary follow-up.

An application for naturalization is the project of a lifetime and each case is unique. It is therefore preferable to entrust it to a naturalization lawyer who will be fully dedicated to following the procedure and taking the necessary actions at each stage. If you have to pay a little more for this, don’t hesitate!

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What you must remember

In order to increase your chances of obtaining a favorable opinion for your nationality application, the services of a naturalization lawyer are often essential. This legal professional is the most qualified to guide you through the procedures to follow and to defend your interests if necessary.

It is still important to choose it taking into account objective criteria such as the nature of your file, the reputation of the lawyer, his availability and the amount of his fees.

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