How to diversify your wealth: 5 interesting avenues to explore

Diversifying your assets is a recommended approach in order to limit the risk of capital loss, but also to increase the performance of your savings. Don’t we say that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket? In practice, this means in particular diversifying one’s investments in terms of both financial assets and real estate assets.

How to diversify your real estate portfolio?

To diversify your real estate assets, several investment solutions are available to you. Among the most effective in recent years are the real estate crowdfundinginvestment in a Civil Real Estate Investment Company (SCPI), but also parking rental.

Investing in an SCPI

Vary your real estate investments by investing in a SCPI (Civil Real Estate Investment Company) allows you to benefit from an average return of 5%. The little extra is that this alternative does not require a large initial bet. However, it allows you to enjoy various advantages.

In particular, it allows you to easily resell your shares and frees you from management worries. The choice of the tenant, the signature of the lease, the recovery and the payment of rent are entirely ensured by the company. It is therefore an excellent investment option to diversify your real estate holdings.

However, in order to optimize the yield of such an operation, the ideal is to help you choose the right SCPI. To do this, contact a professional to benefit from the best advice for the management of your real estate assets.

Why choose real estate crowdfunding to diversify your assets?

In simple terms, crowdfunding consists of lending one’s savings to a promoter through an online platform. Increasingly widespread, this investment formula is accessible to the general public and allows you to diversify your real estate assets while minimizing risks.

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Without necessarily having knowledge of real estate management, you can indeed receive substantial income on the rental of various real estate. The entrance ticket is also very low: from 1,000 euro for most serious projects.

Some platforms even offer shares at €10 ! Be careful, however, to read the conditions linked to each formula before committing.

car park rental, an interesting alternative

Buying a car park to rent out is also an interesting way to diversify your real estate assets. The demand for parking space being very strong, especially in the districts of large cities, you will have no difficulty in making your investment profitable.

You can actually enjoy a average yield of 6 to 7% without having to incur large expenses for renovations.

Diversify Your Real Estate Heritage

How to diversify your financial wealth?

To vary the assets of your financial portfolio, possible solutions include the diversification of your savings products and investment in precious metals.

Why diversify your savings products?

The very popular Livret A clearly does not offer the best possible returns for your savings. To effectively grow your financial assets, while benefiting from various tax advantages, the ideal is therefore to orient yourself towards other savings products.

In this context, you have the choice between:

  • A securities account;
  • A life insurance contract;
  • An Equity Savings Plan (PEA).

Each of these solutions has specific advantages, but also a number of limitations. In addition, depending on the company you are talking to, the levels of return offered can vary a lot.

In order to make the choice that best suits your investor profilebut also and above all to your specific needs, contact a company specializing in wealth management consulting. Its role is to support you in your choice of the ideal investment solution and to advise you effectively in the management of your assets.

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You will thus be able to optimize your income, manage the risks as well as possible and make the most of the tax provisions in force.

Why invest in gold ?

Investing in gold is also a good solution to diversify your financial wealth. As a safe haven against inflation and the vagaries of the economic market, gold is indeed a safe investment. He is touchable, durable and easy to exchange. It can therefore offer an adequate response in the event of a need for liquidity.

In summary, to diversify your assets, several solutions are possible. To make the right choices, seek the advice of a wealth management professional.

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