Who are the biggest energy suppliers in France?

Now that the energy market is open to all suppliers, there are more and more of them. So much the better for consumers who have a lot of choice and who can finally select a supplier according to multiple criteria: quality of services, quality of service, current prices, source of energy… However, not all of them are major energy suppliers. energy in France and it is important to know the right criteria to be able to choose the best supplier.

Historical energy suppliers

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As mentioned above, competition in terms of energy suppliers has increased considerably, but there are still 2 major suppliers known worldwide in France, namely: Engie and EDF. Engie is considered the biggest gas supplier for the pros. But unlike an alternative supplier like this gas supplier for professionals, it sells regulated gas prices. In terms of electricity, EDF notably offers regulated electricity tariffs.

You should know that a good number of customers complain about the prices charged, despite this a high percentage of households have chosen not to change suppliers.

Applying regulated tariffs is a decision of the Energy Regulatory Commission and not of the suppliers. Nevertheless, it is important to be informed that EDF and Engie also offer electricity or gas market offers. These tariffs are for the most part less expensive although they do not yet manage to compete with those of other providers.

Alternative energy providers

Now that the market is open to everyone, we have seen many suppliers enter the gas and electricity market. This is a good thing for both French households and businesses. The offers are more numerous and more advantageous and some suppliers offer both gas and electricity while others have chosen to focus on a single energy. This is the case, for example, of Gazprom, whose natural gas offer dedicated to professionals is simple and economical.

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Another alternative supplier that is among the largest in France is Mint Energie. Arrived on the market in 2017, it offers a 100% green electricity offer, the many advantages of which are presented on the Gataka site. Its tariffs being 10% lower than those of EDF, many consumers did not hesitate to break their contract with the historic supplier to sign a new one with it. However, it is important to know that the prices charged by the latter are free, which means that they may be subject to upward or downward modifications at any time with one month’s notice.

With approximately 2.5 million customers in 2017, Total Direct Energie is also one of the largest suppliers in the country. It is not a professional gas supplier, but an electricity supplier. It owes its success to two main elements, its competitive prices and its quality customer service. France’s leading alternative supplier, it offers offers for individuals and others for professionals who come under green tariffs and yellow tariffs.

The choice of energy supplier in general and gas supplier for professionals in particular has for several years gone beyond EDF and Engie. If the plethora of suppliers is appreciable, it is not always easy to know which offer to turn to. If you are faced with this difficulty, find in this article advice that can help you not make mistakes.

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