Mobile insurance: why insure your phone?

The mobile phone allows you to make calls, of course, but it is also used for professional purposes or for entertainment. Suffice to say that it has become an everyday object that we can no longer do without. This is why it is more prudent to take out mobile insurance, in order to protect your phone from the main risks that can threaten it.

A phone insured against breakage

This is the first risk that threatens your mobile phone. It can occur all the more easily as the current models, which are more sophisticated, are also more fragile.

This is the first reason why it is advisable to take out mobile insurance. It will thus support the repair of the device or reimburse you if you damage your phone by accident or clumsiness. Some insurances intervene whatever the cause of the breakage.

However, many contracts only reimburse you if the deterioration of the device is linked to an external cause. This will especially be the case if someone bumps into you and drops your phone on the sidewalk.

Your insurance will ask you to give him a detailed account of the incident, in order to know, in some way, the element that triggered it. Finally, it should be noted that the cosmetic damage suffered by the phone, such as scratches or scratches, are rarely taken into account by the insurance.

Cell Phone Breakage

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Protect your device against theft and oxidation

The second reason for you to take out mobile insurance is the need to protect your laptop against theft. The current models, always more sophisticated, indeed arouse much covetousness.

In this respect, the guarantees offered by the insurance companies are quite extensive. Indeed, they cover your phone if you suffer a mugging but also in the event of pickpocketing.

Likewise, you will be reimbursed if your mobile phone is stolen following a burglary of your home. However, the contracts provide for some warranty exclusions. Thus, mobile insurance will not play, most of the time, if the phone is stolen by a member of your family.

For the insurance to intervene, following a theft, a complaint should be filed with the competent authorities. The insurer will indeed ask you to send him a copy of your complaint receipt.

Insurance will also be very useful to protect your device against possible oxidation. If, for example, your phone falls into the water and no longer works, the insurance will cover the repair costs or reimburse you. Some insurance covers you regardless of the cause of the oxidation.

Other warranty exclusions

As you can see, the guarantees offered by mobile insurance are generally quite broad. However, most insurance does not take into account certain situations, in fact few.

This is the case of the loss of your device or a breakdown linked to a lack of maintenance or improper handling. Moreover, it goes without saying that if the deterioration of the device is caused voluntarily by the insured, the insurance will not come into play.

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Insurance at your service

You have understood that it is in your interest to insure your mobile. It is to meet all your expectations in this area that Carrefour mobile device insurance was designed.

By connecting to the website, you will be able to measure all the advantages of such insurance. You will first notice that the guarantees offered are very extensive.

Indeed, the main risks that threaten your mobile, namely breakage, theft and oxidation, are covered by insurance. And this, whatever the cause of the accident. Moreover, in such a case, the compensation is far from symbolic.

Indeed, if your device is broken, stolen or oxidized, you can receive up to 650 euros per year.

But you are not at the end of your surprises. Carrefour mobile device insurance doesn’t just cover your mobile phone. It also covers all damage that may concern your other mobile devices, provided they are less than five years old on the date of the claim.

Your laptop computer, but also your tablet, audio player, game console or camera will therefore be protected.

The great flexibility of this mobile insurance contract is another reason to adopt it. It is indeed non-binding and can be terminated at any time.

You can also benefit from the expertise of experienced insurers. Available, they are at your side when you encounter a problem and know how to offer you the situation that best meets your specific situation.

You can reach your insurers by phone and email or meet them in store. They are there to help you solve a problem, but also to advise you on the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices.

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