Travel cancellation insurance: operation and interest

No one is safe from the unexpected (health problem, death in the family, etc.). What if you were forced to cancel your trip at the last minute? In this case, travel cancellation insurance can be effective. What does this warranty cover? We tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of travel cancellation insurance.

Travel Cancellation Insurance, is it useful?

You are going on a trip and you hesitate to take out insurance in case of unforeseen events. Be aware that taking out travel cancellation insurance is in no way mandatory. It is up to you to decide whether or not it can be useful to you. To help you in your decision, take into account certain parameters (departure date, health problem, price of the stay, number of people leaving). The risk is higher if you go to the other side of the world, which implies a substantial budget. For a train journey, travel cancellation insurance is superfluous.

Be aware that in most cases, the travel agency or airline offers you an exchange of dates (at an additional cost) in the event of trip cancellation, and in the absence of dedicated insurance.

How do I take out travel cancellation insurance?

When purchasing your trip, you can take out cancellation insurance. Generally, it is offered to you. It’s about a quick and easy solution. However, be sure to read the conditions of implementation carefully to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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The other solution is to use travel insurance. There are insurers specializing in this sector (tourist trips, long stays, etc.). The insurance company will offer you adapted and complete formulas.

Generally, the amount of the guarantee is not excessive. It is possible to take out multi-trip insurance from around ten euros. In addition to trip cancellation, this type of formula also takes into account medical care on site, and possibly repatriation. Find out about the conditions of the various guarantees in order to select the offer that best suits your personal and professional situation.

What does travel cancellation insurance cover?

Check that the insurance you intend to take out takes into account unforeseen events such as the death of a loved one, professional redundancy, an accident or health problem, a home accident or fire, a complication of pregnancy, a natural disaster or an attack in the country of destination, the theft of your identity and transport papers. In all cases, supporting documents will be requested. Be aware that the procedure can sometimes take time.

Good to know, there are other reasons for trip cancellation. Some insurers agree to reimburse the subscriber in the event of refusal to issue the tourist visa by the consulate. For students, insurers can also take into account the summons to resit exams.

On the other hand, no travel cancellation insurance can be used in the following situations: change of mind about the place of stay, strike by the carrier, cancellation of the flight. The airline will be the only one entitled to compensate you in the last case present.

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Trip Cancellation, compensation

It is useful to know that in the event of cancellation, costs will be applied to you. The amount of these costs is more or less important depending on the date on which you cancel. If the cancellation is done late, the loss of money is higher. In case of cancellation on D-Day, you will not receive any refund.

Admittedly, travel cancellation insurance represents an additional expense, but it can be very useful in case of force majeure. If you have any doubts about the smooth running of your next trip, play it safe by taking out a guarantee. It will save you financial disappointments.

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