Motor penalty: how to successfully insure yourself correctly?

The bonus-malus system is applied to all car insurance contracts. This system encourages appropriate, prudent and responsible driving by motorists. Indeed, a bonus on the insurance premium is offered to drivers who cause no damage during the year. Those who suffer one or more disasters are harmed. Harassed drivers may then have difficulty insuring their vehicles when car insurance is compulsory for driving on public roads. In this article, we offer advice on how to insure your car in the event of a penalty.

The automobile penalty, What is that ?

The car malus is a sanction system for motorists. Indeed, this malus results in a 25% increase in the amount of the annual insurance premium for each claim in which the civil liability of a driver is incurred. Conversely, if he declares no claims during a year, the amount of the auto insurance premium for the following year will benefit from a reduction of 5%. This is a bonus granted by the insurer in accordance with the regulations in force. Of course, non-responsible accidents will not be taken into account so as not to penalize drivers who are victims of the irresponsible behavior of other motorists.

Malus Automobile Reussir AS Insure Correctly Avis

What are the risks in the event of a malus?

In the event of a penalty, the auto insurance premium is increased. This increase is significant insofar as it amounts to 25% for each claim declared. The payment of the insurance premium can therefore become difficult for some malussé motorists. You should also know that in the event of a high penalty, the insurer is entitled to terminate the insurance contract. However, it is difficult to find a new contract with another insurer. Claims are recorded in a dedicated register that can be consulted by all insurance companies. You can find tips for insuring your car in the event of a penalty in this article.

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Should I change insurer in the event of a penalty?

Changing the insurance company is not the best solution in the event of a penalty. Indeed, it is possible that you will encounter difficulties reinsuring your car. If possible, negotiate with your insurance company to keep your contract and pay premiums adapted to your situation. The change of company will, however, be mandatory if your insurer decides to terminate your contract.

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Opt for malussé car insurance

There are car insurance offers specially dedicated to malussed drivers. These are offers specially developed to adapt to the conditions and profiles of these drivers in a penalty position. Unlike ordinary car insurance contracts, those designed for impaired drivers are distributed mainly by specialized brokers. They put the offers proposed by the insurance companies in competition to benefit from those which prove to be the most advantageous and then offer them to the drivers concerned. Using the services of these insurance brokers is an interesting option for reinsuring your car in the event of a penalty.

Enter the BCT

If no insurer agrees to insure your car because of a penalty, you can contact the BCT (Central Pricing Office). Recourse to BCT mediation is possible if you have been refused twice by two different insurers. This organization will then take care of finding a reasonable solution for an insurance company and which at the same time allows you to take advantage of car insurance to drive on public roads. The BCT can also directly assess the amount of car insurance premiums you should pay.

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