What budget for an energy renovation of your house?

Energy renovation work is a good way to optimize the energy performance of housing. They make it possible both to make it more comfortable and to make significant savings on the energy bill. The importance of energy renovation also lies in the fact that it makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the habitat and therefore to actively preserve the environment, with a less energy-consuming and cleaner habitat.

Undertaking energy renovation work can, however, incur high costs depending on the extent of the work and the equipment needed to carry it out. How much does a home energy renovation cost? Focus on the price of renovation works according to their type.

On what criteria are the prices of energy renovation works defined?

You should know that the price of energy renovation works is not regulated, which can make it difficult to estimate, given that professionals set prices freely. Result: the differences can reach 30 to 50% from one service provider to another, hence the need to request several quotes before choosing the professional who will take care of the work.

Energy Renovation Criteria

To note that the cost of the work can also be influenced by the following parameters :

  • The location of the property
  • The condition of the accommodation
  • The nature of energy renovation work
  • The desired level of performance.

What help is possible?

Depending on the scale of the energy renovation work, the project may require a substantial budget of several thousand euros. Fortunately, the State and local authorities provide many aids which households can access under certain specific conditions, in order to finance an energy renovation project. However, it is important to specify that the sine qua non condition for being able to benefit from this aid is to entrust the execution of the work to an RGE-certified craftsman. It will therefore not be possible to take advantage of these aids if you intend to carry out the work yourself.

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MaPrimeRénov, help intended since the beginning of 2021 for all households. This aid, granted by Anah, is indeed now accessible to both owners and landlords, and provides a flat rate, the amount of which will depend on the type of operation. Namely, the lower the household income, the higher the premium will be.

The Energy Bonus is a device provided by energy suppliers which makes it possible to finance numerous renovation operations in all sectors. In practice, this is an enhanced flat-rate premium intended to facilitate priority renovation projects: insulation, heating, ventilation, etc.

The loans

The zero-rate Eco-loan is, as its name suggests, a bank loan repayable over 15 years which can be requested by both the lessor and the owner and which makes it possible to finance the work. The amount of the loan is included between 15,000 and 30,000 euros depending on the number of works and their nature.

Action Logement is a renovation aid aimed exclusively at private sector sectors. It takes the form of a subsidy and an additional loan at an attractive rate corresponding to work 15,000 euros for an owner-lessor and 20,000 euros for an occupying owner.

Other devices

The VAT reduction is a device accessible to all households, and which allows them to save 10 or even 14.5 VAT points on the price of the renovation. In effect, VAT is reduced by 5.5% while an intermediate VAT of 10% is foreseen for certain specific renovation operations.

The Habiter Mieux Sérénité scheme remains accessible this year despite the replacement of the Agility aid by MaPrimeRénov’. This program is accessible to all households, provided that the dwelling demonstrates a certain level of energy savings thanks to the work. It is in practice a financial support plus a bonus when the work carried out also results in energy savings.

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The energy voucher allows households in a situation of fuel poverty to receive, every year, by post, a sum to pay energy bills and finance thermal renovation work. The amount of this aid will be defined on the basis of the financial situation of the household and the number of people in it.

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Prices by type of work

The most effective way to have an exact estimate of the price of your energy renovation work is to call on an expert in the field. Do not hesitate to compare the quotes between them in order to take advantage of the best rates. Insulation work is the first renovation item for individuals with heating and for good reason, it is the first stage of any energy renovation. Exterior insulation work usually costs between 80 and 120 euros per m2 while the insulation of lost attics can be done for 35 to 70 euros per m2. Interior insulation costs on average between 40 to 80 euros per m2, while exterior wall insulation costs between 100 and 180 euros per m2.

Heating work is the second renovation item to be prioritized to optimize the thermal comfort of the dwelling. The condensing boiler is the heating appliance most chosen by households to replace their old equipment, but installing it is an operation that can cost between 4,000 and 8,000 euros. Note that depending on the type of device chosen, the cost of the installation of a new heating system, can, depending on the type of device, be between 300 and 18,000 euros.

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Some operations may aim to optimize the level of energy performance of the dwelling. Thus, a low-energy habitat that wants to meet the standards of thermal regulation RT2012 will have to undertake work, the costs of which are included between 400 and 450 euros per m2. To go from an energy label G (very energy-intensive) to C or D, the renovation will cost minimum 200 euros per m2.

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