17th arrondissement of Paris: good or bad reputation?

Located in the north-west of the capital, the 17e arrondissement of Paris is one of the most popular. It attracts, every year, thousands of tourists who come to stroll in its streets, investors, but also young couples and families. If you are considering relocating or investing there, here is what you need to know about its main strengths, reputation, and real estate prices.

What is the quality of life in the 17th arrondissement of Paris?

The 17the arrondissement of Paris has a very good reputation with its inhabitants and passing tourists. Its strengths are in particular:

Large green spaces

The 17the is one of the greenest arrondissements of the French capital. It is home to several parks, squares and gardens. Among the most important are in particular! Here are some of them:

  • Martin-Luther King Park: a 10 hectare green paradise designed by the landscape designer Jacqueline Osty around the themes of water, sport, and the seasons. From one of its gardens committed to ecology, you can see the splendid building of the Paris court, the architectural masterpiece of Renzo Piano.
  • The square des Batignolles: this splendid corner of greenery was created in 1862 at the request of Napoleon III in the style of « English Gardens ». Among other things, we discover a cave, a waterfall and a lake where black swans and ducks wade. The Square des Batignolles also includes several play areas designed for children.
  • The Square des Épinettes: located in the heart of alleys of tillers and chestnut trees, this green space extends over 10,420 m2. It has, among other things, a playground for children, a skate track or even a ball game.
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A vast transport network

The 17the arrondissement of Paris is served by several metro lines (2, 3, 6 and 13) and by RER C. It is therefore easy to find a station in order to reach the other districts. In addition, the district has a bus station at Porte de Champerret. Many buses also make it possible to move from one district to another without difficulty.

It is also easy to get around by car within the 17e district of Paris. The road network is indeed of very good quality and traffic is relatively fluid. However, during rush hour, Porte Maillot, Champerret, Saint-Ouen and Clichy should be avoided due to traffic jams.

Interesting architectural assets

The 17the arrondissement of Paris is one of those housing the largest number of Haussmann-style buildings ; most of them were built between 1860 and 1869. The Plaine Monceau district in particular benefits from a high density of housing designed in this neo-renaissance style very popular on the real estate market.

Square Batignolles 17th Arrondissement Paris

Markets and shops nearby

Weekly markets, supermarkets, shops and other small businesses are relatively numerous in 17e. A few meters from the Place des Ternes is, for example, the Poncelet market, one of the most beautiful markets in the capital. You can find very good quality fresh produce there almost all year round. The atmosphere is very friendly and the prices are accessible to the greatest number.

Is it possible to buy real estate in the 17th arrondissement of Paris?

Renowned as an upscale arrondissement, property prices in the 17e are rather high. For an apartment, you need to plan between € 8,318 and € 15,492 per square meter ; either a average price of € 11,764 per square meter according to the district and according to the particular assets of the property.

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For houses, prices are between € 7,417 and € 25,022 per square meter. It is therefore necessary to provide a average budget of € 12,376 per square meter to buy a house in the 17e borough. However, you can find good deals in the Épinettes area, near 18e borough. Some properties are still sold there at around € 6,000 per square meter. However, relatively significant work must be planned.

On average, the profitability of a rental investment in the 17e is of the order of 4%. With the many urban planning projects announced, especially in the Clichy-Batignolles concerted development zone (ZAC), the real estate in the zone will naturally increase in value over the next few years.

Is the 17th arrondissement of Paris secure?

The 17the arrondissement has a good reputation for security. Most neighborhoods record very few acts of delinquency or vandalism. Security is ensured by regular rounds of police.

Note, however, that many renovations and construction works are underway in the borough. They have an impact on the cleanliness of the streets and noise pollution during the day. However, continuous efforts are being made by the local authorities to improve the living environment on these aspects.

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