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Everyone has had intuitions. Clairvoyance translates to “clear seeing,” which means that events beyond our normal perceptions are received as if an invisible antenna picks up a distant signal. There are many types of clairvoyance, such as clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognition. Imagine being aware that your psychic sense is an antenna that connects you to the intricacies of the world around you. It taps into the emotions, thoughts and hidden motivations of others, as well as the energies of the environment and the cosmos.

Sounds a little… confusing maybe? Whether you practice intuitively or are just beginning to tap into your psychic side, the following practices can help clear your body, mind, and even your environment of stagnant energy, leading to better days and better days. higher vibrations.

The power of intention

The most important aspect of energetic cleansing is intention; any act with enough intention behind it becomes magical. Life will always have its fair share of difficult days and interactions, so it’s important to learn how to release the anger, sadness, or fear that comes with life.

Trust that your intention to erase negativity will have a real impact. We often forget how much power we have in our lives, but the practice of energetic cleansing can renew personal empowerment by helping us learn to trust our own magical abilities.


This is arguably the most popular form of energetic cleansing: the ritual burning of sage, Palo Santo, or another incense of your choice. Light your chosen incense and let the smoke wrap around your body, visualizing any negative emotions or thoughts evaporating into the air. The spaces are cleaned in the same way and with the same intention. Move through your home, letting the smoke touch every corner and doorway. Open the doors and windows and visualize all the negativity leaving the space.

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Salt baths

Salt is a powerful mineral. Its antibacterial properties have made it a staple in the human diet for thousands of years, helping to preserve food and treat various health conditions.

If you feel energetically drained and heavy, consider a salt-based bath. Add an amount of Epsom salt or sea salt to your bath water and wash away the negativity. Your soul and your body will thank you. In addition, a hot salt bath soothes muscle and joint pain. You don’t have a bathtub? Fill a bucket with salt and hot water and pour it over yourself, visualizing the bad vibes flowing out. You can also bathe in the ocean or any other natural body of water to cleanse and purify your energy.

sound and vibration

Music is an incredible healer, and the ritual use of sound is found in cultures around the world. From chanting to ringing bells, sound is used to scare away evil spirits, remove stagnant energy, and raise the vibration of a space. Whether you are attending a crystal bowl concert or simply listening to relaxing music, music uplifts and soothes the nervous system. Chanting mantras or singing your favorite song can also lift your spirits and oxygenate your body.

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Do you feel bad? Put on something cheerful that makes you want to dance. Imagine the worries leaving your space. Use these tones to get rid of unwanted energies and to call forth what you desire.


Grounding is essential. In order to create the experience we want, we need to be in the moment, living life to the full. It is not uncommon to lose a sense of stability when we are energetically bogged down.

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Here’s a simple grounding ritual you can do anytime. While sitting or standing, calm your mind and visualize your lower body as a tree. Your feet are your roots, sinking deep into the ground. Imagine them pushing through the rocks until they reach the very center of the Earth. Imagine that your roots are anchored in the heart of the planet, supported and protected. Now visualize any fear, anxiety or pain going through your feet into the ground.

energy healing

The practice of energy cleansing is incredibly beneficial, and the above methods can greatly improve your well-being and your energy field. But even so, life can get overwhelming, and sometimes we all need a helping hand. If you’re still struggling to lift the mental or emotional fog of a particularly difficult time, planning energy healing like reiki can be incredibly helpful.

There are countless energy healing methods to choose from, and some practices will resonate with you. By simply laying down their hands or performing a ritual prayer, a healer can help you move the subtle energies of your body, allowing for better flow and balance.

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