4 tips to reduce the cost of building your home

Have you decided to build your house? It’s a very nice project! But sometimes it can get expensive. Here are 4 tips that will allow you to reduce the cost of building your home without making you give up on your desires.

Take your time choosing the builder

This first step is the most important. It is she who will determine the total cost of your home. You can call on an architect, a project manager or a builder. For the first two, the quotes are often transparent but they can quickly change depending on the materials chosen or the availability of certain elements. By going through a manufacturer, the price announced at the start is generally final, but transparency is not required. Do not hesitate to compete in order to obtain better rates for your project. Builders like Villadirect allow you to reduce the cost of building your home while maintaining quality. The principle is to offer quality houses to as many people as possible. For this, the additional costs of each stage of your construction project are reduced. It starts with the choice of land and ends with the completion of the work.

The choice of house

The choice of house will also have an impact on the final cost of your house. A square or rectangle house will cost you less than a house with a more atypical shape. A compact house will also require months of materials (blocks, plaster, insulation, etc.) and labour. Regarding materials, if you opt for PVC for doors and windows, it will be cheaper for you. Similarly, bay windows with a French opening are less expensive than sliding windows. These are small details but, put together, they will affect the final price of your home.

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Always on the same principle, also favor a two-storey house. Indeed, it will be more economical in materials than a one-storey house since the land necessary for its construction will be smaller. The earthworks will be less extensive and less time-consuming and will therefore be less expensive than for a single-storey house. The same applies to the materials used for the frame or the roof. In short, a compact two-storey house is the most economical solution to reduce the cost of building your house while benefiting from living space.

Stay in the classic for the roof

To further reduce the cost of building your home, consider the type of roof. A monopitch or two-sided roof will allow you to make more savings. These two types of roof are very simple to make and therefore inexpensive. On the other hand, more sophisticated roofs, for example with four sides, will quickly increase the total price of your house. Especially since this type of roof is subject to the risk of infiltration and therefore requires excellent insulation. However, with a classic roof, consider adding two or three rows of materials to take advantage of additional square meters of living space at a lower cost.

An awning rather than a garage

Anything that can be added to the house will increase the final price. This is the case with the garage. To protect your vehicle, you can opt for an awning rather than a traditional garage. This installation without walls or doors will cost you much less and will still protect your car against rain, frost or hail. Another advantage: nothing will prevent you from transforming this awning into a garage when your budget allows it. Postponing certain works does not affect the quality of life. On the same principle, if you want to build a swimming pool or a jacuzzi, postpone the construction of these outdoor facilities until later. This also applies to the development of the attic or the installation of home automation equipment.

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If your budget for the construction of your house is limited, certain aids such as the Action Logement loan will allow you to carry out your project more easily.

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