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The advantages of investing in real estate in Brest. The real estate market in Brest is booming. It is a city that has many interesting real estate programs. It is a city that attracts many students and tourists. The tax exemption policy with the Pinel device allows investors to facilitate the acquisition of real estate. Brest is a city where life is good.

The city of Brest

Brest is a French commune located in the department of Finistere in the region of Brittany. It is famous for its second most important military port in France located at the western end of Brittany. It is also an important university city which hosts around 25,000 students attracted by the variety and quality of training provided by the city’s universities.

Modern and dynamic, Brest also combines cultural, maritime and natural heritage. The city has many museums, an ocean discovery park, modern urban infrastructure. Facing the sea with the impressive Iroise bridge, the city has an undeniable and authentic charm. Its many heritages and its multitude of activities boost the real estate market in the city.

Why invest in real estate in Brest?

Investing in real estate in Brest is a secure investment and a long-lasting heritage. It represents a better return on investment than other types of investments. Real estate is also less subject to the devaluation of the economic situation than financial investments. Rental investment in Brest generates good profitability, because the rental cost is very attractive. The rent can reach 8 to 9 euros per m2. In addition, the demand for rentals is extremely strong thanks to the presence of thousands of students in the city.

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In addition, the city has set up the Pinel system to provide investors with tax advantages. This device allows you to benefit from a tax reduction of 21% of the purchase price of a new or renovated home.

In addition, the fall in the prices of new or old buildings and the redevelopment of certain districts facilitate the acquisition of real estate in Brest. The price of a property is very attractive compared to other French cities, because it belongs to one of the cheapest cities in France in real estate. Those who also contribute to the increase in real estate transactions in the city.

Where to invest in the city of Brest?

The center of the city of Brest is a great place to invest in real estate. It is a district very appreciated for its dynamism. Properties located on rue de Siam or rue Jean Jaurès are the most sought after by investors, as these locations are the most popular with tenants. In addition, the city center has around 27,000 inhabitants, the majority of whom are young executives renting houses.

The Bellevue district has many rehabilitated apartments and individual houses. It is a quiet and modern neighborhood that attracts many tenants. Bellevue has approximately 20,000 inhabitants, the majority of whom are tenants. In addition, the price of a property is interesting in this district, because it is cheaper compared to a property in the city center. This is a good place to invest in real estate.

For those looking for bargains, Saint-Marc located to the east of Brest has apartments and individual houses at lower prices than those in the city center. The price of a property remains affordable and the district has great opportunities in terms of rental investment.

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