Finding new accommodation: our information and advice

Are you looking for a new home? Know that you are on the verge of making a good investment. To find the rare pearl, all you have to do is direct your research. There are many ways to achieve your ends. Here are some tips to help you find a new home.

What are the different ways to find a new home?

It is important to explore the most promising leads when looking for new housing. Check out a few below.

Conduct an online search

There are certainly several new accommodations, but some of them, like those available on the Bavaria site in Liège, are particularly attractive. Thus, the information given on the accommodations differs according to their quality. When you choose to search online, then proceed to compare the types of accommodation available to you.

Take into account your budget and your taste. Take the time to analyze the different plans, be it the floors, the prices and the shape of each apartment. To analyze well is to make the ideal choice. To find the new home you need, visit the sites of various promoters. Several new accommodations are available there with appropriate prices.

Visit to find a new home

Although it is a good idea to acquire the new accommodation based on the plan you have seen on the net, it is also good to visit. It’s the best way to put your finger on what you aspire to. By visiting the accommodation, you have the opportunity to check whether the rooms are arranged as you wish. You can also see if the space is large enough as on the plan or if the garden meets your criteria. One of the advantages of this option is the authenticity of the purchase.

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The visit also allows you to discover your new city of residence. You have the opportunity to find out more about how transport works, the availability of a health center, a school and even a shopping center. Several criteria come into play in the process of acquiring a new home. You must therefore take this into account so as not to regret your choice later.

Find a new home through a promoter

Today, the internet occupies a large place in almost all sectors of activity. However, using a professional like imguru for this kind of service is an ideal option. First, a promoter has a good command of the system and cannot make mistakes unlike you. He takes the time to listen to you in order to take into account your requirements and needs.

However, the promoter has the housing programs to be marketed. So the choices are limited. This is why it is also possible to call on a marketer who is able to offer you several types of accommodation. In addition, he accompanies you in the steps that precede the purchase of housing.

In addition, it is important to compare the prices presented. You should check whether the price of the property you wish to acquire is in line with those of other similar properties in the area.

Proceed to check the standing, the area of ​​the various dwellings and the floors. It is true that we do not generally negotiate accommodation off plan. However, you lose nothing by trying.

How to find new housing?

Finding the new home you need is also based on the application of certain simple tips.

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Choose the city where you want to live

The first thing you need to do before finding your new home is to decide where you want to move. It should be noted that each city has its real estate market as well as the benefits that you can derive from it. For this reason you must study one by one the different promoters of the chosen city and their services.

Being a job that requires enough time, brokers are available for this kind of service. The first advantage you have by hiring a broker is the provision of a privileged and unique interlocutor. The choice you make depends on the purpose for which you are buying the property.

It can be a purchase for a rental, to live there or for a resale. For example, if you want to buy a home to rent, choose a city with high rental demand. In addition, the city must be dynamic for this kind of activity. Tenants take into account several details that you should not ignore.

Sign the reservation contract

Once the choice of city and accommodation has been made, you must sign the reservation contract. The signature is done before the sale of the property. The promoter must be present while you sign the reservation contract. Several elements appear on the contract in question. These include, among others:

  • The date of signing;
  • The delivery date ;
  • The final price of the accommodation;
  • The elements characterizing the property;
  • The city.

In addition to these items, you must deposit a guarantee of five percent of the purchase price of the new home. This sum is to be given to the promoter before the purchase. You must then go to the notarial office with your promoter to sign the sales contract.

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This is not a process to be carried out immediately after signing the conservation contract. You must wait at least three months before signing the final contract. Unlike the first contract, this one contains the guarantee of the completion of the work; obtaining credit, the mortgage and the payment schedule.

Hands Of An Asian Man Holding An Architectural Model Of An Apartment

Receive accommodation

During construction, you are free to visit the site to see how things are progressing. This allows you to check if the finish is done according to your taste and preferences. The compliance of the accommodation with the plan and the details in the contract must be checked.

If you find any imperfections on the housing under construction, you can make suggestions. It is recommended to make the visit in the company of a building professional for more precision.

When the report is made after construction, it is possible to use construction coverage guarantees to improve things, in particular the ten-year or two-year contract.

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