Need money in 24 hours: the solutions

Do you need to find money very quickly? In the event of an emergency, there are easy and effective solutions for obtaining liquidity. We give you the right plans for your urgent money needs. Get money easily or use legal remedies to supplement your end of the month very quickly.

Obtain credit within 24 hours

There are micro-credits that can be granted in one day. Note that these are not large sums, but amounts between 50 and 1000 euros approximately. A quick and effective way to deal with a difficult end of the month. To deal with the unexpected or to pay the last bills, ask for a loan of money from a specialized credit agency.

The financial institution will not ask you for proof. Regardless of your personal or professional situation (student, retiree, self-employed, etc.), mini online credit will be granted to you. Note, the cash advance must be repaid, generally within two weeks. Additional charges will also apply. Before resorting to this system, make the rounds of your knowledge. Unlike the financial institution, your loved ones will not charge you interest.

Get closer to sites such as FinFrog or Cashper. They are specialists in fast mini-credit.

Resell second-hand items

To meet an urgent need for cash, sell what you no longer use. Offer for sale your objects that no longer suit you (useless, superfluous, obsolete, etc.). Shop around for your books, appliances, electronics, furniture, tools, clothes, children’s toys and other gadgets. The trick is to sell your belongings in order to get a good price for them. Put your items online on classified ad sites such as leboncoin. Also consider ebay if you want to up the ante. For your clothes, there are specialized websites like Vinted. Social networks also offer interesting visibility. Share your classified ads here.

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This simple method is also very quick in times of financial emergency.

Sell ​​your creations

To make money quickly, nothing could be simpler than selling your homemade products. Offer for sale your original creations (jewellery, ready-made clothes, floral decorations, illustrations, paintings, decorative objects, etc.). On Etsy, it’s easy to sell. Note, competition is tough on this specialized online store. To make yourself known and sell your craft products quickly, ask your network of acquaintances. To put the odds on your side, opt for a competitive price.

If you also have culinary talents, do not hesitate to monetize them. Your jams, cookies, pastries will be appreciated at their fair value. However, the legislation in this area in France is strict. Limit yourself to your circle of acquaintances (neighbours, office colleagues, etc.).

Render small favors

By rendering small services around you, generate income very quickly. There are a multitude of jobs available. Depending on your interests, choose one of them. New odd jobs are proving very popular. Pet sitting, for example, is booming. Lovers of your city, why not take on the role of tourist guide? You can also help individuals move. Clean your neighbour’s car, clean their house, repair defective objects, give private lessons, do the shopping for other people…

Post a classified ad on a specialized site or on social networks. Your offer should generate interest very quickly. A good plan to earn money in less than twenty-four hours.

sell her hair, a lucrative trade

An original and lucrative idea. If you have untreated hair with no health problems, resell it through an online store or hair salon. Depending on the length, selling your natural hair can earn you up to $1000. They will be used to make hairpieces, wigs and hair extensions. Note, some hair colors are more popular than others. Brown hair, which is more common, sells less well than red hair, for example.

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Never sell your hair on classic classifieds sites, otherwise you will fall for scams. Instead, get closer to specialized sites such as or In the sector, they are references.

Gambling can also bring in a lot of money and extremely quickly. However, this is a very risky method. Before betting, get advice from a specialist. The last and most effective solution is to ask your employer for a salary advance.*

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