How to sell your house?

You want to sell your house and you don’t really know how to go about it? Do not panic ! We will explain everything to you. The advice and the method to sell your house as soon as possible.

Real estate valuation

How much is your house worth on the real estate market? A precise and realistic answer to this question conditions the realization of your sales project. You absolutely must approach the market at the right price. Overvaluing your property is certainly taking away any chance of a quick sale. Unfortunately, too many sellers who want to get the most out of their house or who are tied to it by a strong emotional bond, overprice it.

The criteria for assessing real estate value are also particularly complex. Therefore, we can never advise you enough to have an estimate made by a real estate agency in your area. A local market expert, rigorous and objective, will be able to assess your property at its fair value.

The Technical Diagnosis File

A veritable health record for your home, the Technical Diagnostics File (DDT) is due in its entirety upon signing the sales agreement. Only the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) is mandatory for marketing. Take advantage of the arrival of the certified diagnostician for the realization of the latter to have all the diagnoses carried out. You will thus have an audit of your house which will allow you to correct the most problematic points or, failing that, to adapt your price and your negotiation margin. They will also allow you to respond objectively to requests for clarification from potential buyers. Reassuring transparency!

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The right mandate

In a real estate agency, you will be offered two types of mandate: simple or exclusive. Do not be tempted by the false advantages of the simple mandate! The freedom it gives you has the corollary of much less efficiency. The exclusive mandate, by offering maximum visibility, makes it possible to sell faster! Let’s take an example, you have a house for sale in Ouistreham but your ad is not highlighted enough and hardly anyone is interested. It is in this kind of situation that going through a professional makes sense. It is much easier to sell your house with the GIC Immobilier, for example, which will be able to distribute the property exclusively on all existing media: physical windows, website, partner websites and major Internet property portals (Bien Here, Loger, Le Bon Coin). The exclusive mandate thus avoids wear and tear on the market and its inexorable fall in price. More coherent, the exclusive mandate is also much more practical for you: a single interlocutor who manages your marketing then your sale from A to Z!

presentation state

Take care of the presentation of your house as much as possible. Without necessarily embarking on a vast transformation of the home staging type, know how to highlight it:

  • put away all superfluous furniture;
  • clean and maintain your garden;
  • carry out all necessary minor repairs;
  • refresh your interior surfaces if necessary;
  • tidy up and thoroughly clean your interior before each visit.

In concrete terms, visitors to your home must be able to easily appreciate the surface of each room and easily project themselves. Offering a house in which there is nothing left but the furniture to put down is a major asset!

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According to the National Federation of Real Estate Agents (FNAIM), 68% of real estate sales made in France are through a specialized agency. Figures that prove their effectiveness! We will therefore advise you to call on the real estate agency in your area to estimate and then market your house. In Calvados, for example, it is much easier and faster to sell your house with the GIC immobilier than to try to do it alone. Quality shooting (photo or even video), writing an effective ad (concise but precise) and optimal distribution (windows, magazine and Internet), the real estate agent will know how to enhance your house and increase your chances of sale!

The visits

As you know, real estate is more about the heart than the reason! The crush and the resulting purchase decision are imposed on the visitor within a minute of arriving in your home. The first impression is therefore decisive. The state of presentation must be impeccable. Remember to make your interior as bright as possible (shutters and curtains open). Then let your real estate agent do his job. An owner who oversells his house or who is offended by the slightest remark or objection from a potential buyer has every chance of antagonizing the latter. If you are present, be welcoming and remain available to your real estate agent or your visitors in the event of a question addressed to you directly.

Selling your house cannot be improvised! The real estate market is inherently complex and changing. To make your sale a reality as soon as possible at a good price, forge a real partnership with the real estate agent in your area. Heed his estimate and follow his advice. Put on the right track, your sales project has every chance of materializing in good conditions!

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