How to make a successful investment in new real estate in Sannois?

Whether for living there or for rental purposes, new real estate in Sannois is attracting more and more individuals and investors. Located between Paris and Cergy, this municipality of Val d’Oise benefits from an advantageous geographical location in the heart of Ile-de-France. In addition, with prices per square meter still accessible, the local real estate market suggests good prospects for returns or capital gains on resale.

But before starting, it is important to have a good relative knowledge and to be well guided in its various choices.

Buying a new property in Sannois: what are the options?

To acquire a new home in Sannois, you have the choice between turnkey sale and off-plan purchase (sale in the future state of completion or VEFA). The first option allows direct possession of the completed property, while the second involves following the building process end to end.

Why buy off plan?

Buying off-plan new real estate in Sannois makes it possible to become an owner as construction progresses. Payment is therefore made in installments according to a timeline predefined by law.

This progressive acquisition gives you the possibility of obtaining a property that actually corresponds to your specific needs. It also includes guarantees on the property and the equipment provided. In the event of a defect, non-compliance or damage caused by said equipment, you can thus engage the responsibility of the promoter to obtain compensation.

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Note, however, that off-plan housing prices are generally higher and that delivery times can be relatively long This option is therefore not suitable for all real estate investment projects.

Who to contact to buy new real estate in Sannois?

To invest in new real estate in Sannois, the ideal is to contact a promoter recognized real estate that already has programs being deployed in the city or its surroundings.

This is particularly the case of QUARTUS Residential which offers both completed properties and properties in the future state of completion. Experts are available for concerns regarding the technical aspects of the project you are interested in. You then havea year warranty after delivery of the good to make returns and settle the details.

How to choose the ideal new property?

Whether it is to acquire a main/secondary residence or to invest in rental property, certain criteria make it possible to find the right deal.

Housing characteristics

When you make a purchase off-plan, you have access to certain information before and during construction. On the other hand, when it comes to the purchase of a completed property, it is during the visits you have to open your eyes. In both cases, the main criteria to take into account are:

  • The area and the number of rooms;
  • The presence of an elevator;
  • The view from the windows;
  • The exhibition of the good.

With regard to the exposure of the home, it is essential to insist on the brightness level.

New Property In Sannois 2

The quality of construction

Buying off-plan allows you to know the quality of the construction in advance. For turnkey purchases, these are still the visits which allow you to obtain a maximum of information.

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Feel free to comb through each piece and ask questions. Make sure you access the technical diagnostic file to verify that the property complies with current standards.

The geographical location of the property

the neighborhood you choose and its environment determine your daily quality of life. It will therefore be the same for your potential tenants if you invest in rental.

Preferably, opt for a property that is located near public transport, local shops, schools, green spaces or entertainment, etc. In addition, do not forget to study the market to protect yourself from vacation rental (no tenants).

Local taxes

Local taxes include the housing tax and the property tax. The first is due by the occupant of the accommodation while the second is payable by the owner. The lower the taxes, the more profitable your investment. To get an idea before buying, ask the property tax department of the town of Sannois.

How to plan the financing of the purchase of your new property in Sannois?

Several means can allow you to finance the purchase of a new property in Sannois. It’s about real estate loan and purchase aids. These are accessible depending on the case and subject to certain conditions:

  • Zero Rate Loan;
  • Housing assistance ;
  • Savings housing plan ;
  • Social Rental-Accession Loan (PSLA);
  • Housing action loan and approved loan;
  • Premium Accession and Social Accession Loan (PAS).

With regard to the mortgage, you must build a strong case to maximize your chances. Plan a bring personal (donation, personal savings, inheritance, proceeds from the sale of your current home, etc.).

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Also highlight all the assets of your financial situation (income, taxation, borrower profile). The more stable it is, the more the lender is inclined to grant you credit.

If your property is intended for rental, consider investing in Pinel law. Through this tax exemption system, the State covers up to 21% of the purchase in the form of tax reduction.

What to remember?

To make a successful investment in new real estate in Sannois, follow these steps:

  • Choose the right method of purchase (VEFA or turnkey);
  • Select your property on the basis of well-defined criteria;
  • Plan the financing of the project.

In case of doubts or difficulties, do not hesitate to seek the help of a professional.

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