Hearing aids at a lower cost is now possible

A little over three years ago, we unfortunately noticed that many people with a deafness problem were forced to do without hearing aids due to lack of financial means. Today we are going to see that this equipment is much more affordable for two reasons. First, the 100% health reform introduced full reimbursement for certain hearing aids. Secondly, specialized brands offer more attractive prices.

Implementation of RAC 0 on category 1 hearing aids

The 100% healthcare reform has been implemented gradually to allow policyholders to benefit from better reimbursements for optical care, dental care and also for audiology fees. From now on, it is possible to obtain full reimbursement for certain hearing aids from health insurance and mutual insurance. The reform was implemented over three years by gradually reducing the patient’s cost until complete refund. The hearing aids concerned (category 1) fulfill the conditions defined by law. Their price is capped at 950 for prostheses for adults and 1400 euros for prostheses for those under 20 years old. They include 12 adjustment channels (or equivalent), an amplification of at least 30 decibels as well as at least three options among which we find in particular an anti-tinnitus system, a bandwidth widened to more than 6000 Hz, a noise reduction wind noise… Thanks to this system, the price of a hearing aid is no longer a cause for forgoing treatment.

Category 2 prostheses at attractive prices

Unfortunately, although Category 1 hearing aids are sufficient to cover a number of hearing loss needs (estimated to account for around 30% of hearing aid purchases), many patients towards category 2 devices. Indeed, the latter are more efficient and they offer more functionalities, in particular with regard to the number of processing channels, the quality of the filters which make it possible to reduce tinnitus and parasitic noise as well as the wireless connectivity options.

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In addition, category 1 hearing aids, which are devices that could be described as « entry-level », are not suitable for all forms of deafness or hearing loss between 20 and 30 decibels. When the patient is in one of these cases, he must choose more efficient devices from the category 2 offer. Although the patient benefits from reimbursement from social security and mutual insurance, there will remain a charge. Some signs like Unison propose very attractive offers (about 40% cheaper than competitors). For example, high-end hearing aids (the best on the market) are offered at €1,190 before reimbursement – ​​consultation, 30-day trial, unlimited adjustments and follow-up included. The most elaborate equipment is discreet, comfortable, connected, intuitive and makes it easy to attend meetings, to shows, or to stay easily in a place where there are many people.

Other means make it possible to compensate for the RAC on category 2 hearing aids. Some mutual insurance companies offer contracts with better reimbursements for this type of device.

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